Freaky Friday

I love this! All my links, tutes, and games all in one spot! No more sending links to my home email addy. Now, if they give me a pink slip at work, I don't have to worry about never having access to all my carefully researched Internet findings again!

So to celebrate Friday, I'm going link each week to some of the neat games I've found over the years! I got this idea from Woot's 4 o'clock Flash Game on their WWWoundup.

Orisinal, by Ferry Halm, has 59 beautiful mini games you can play. I especially love "The Bottom of the Sea".

I love the Jumble in the newspaper, and Scrabble so I'm always playing Super Text Twist. You need to use all the letters to make it to the next round.

When some of my co-workers (who shall remain nameless) bug me, I turn to Cubicle Freak Out. Turn the sound on if you're at work.

Filler is a nice quiet game you can play at your desk. Check Kongregate for more cool games!

10 Gnomes may be confusing at first, but remember that you click on the lower portion of the picture to go back. Each month is a new game. Find all 10 gnomes (and you know how much I love gnomes!) to win!

Five more games next Friday, and best of all, I've cleaned out My Favorites!



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