NaBloPoMo #30- Xanax, Anyone?

Great. A whole lot of stress is about to be introduced back into my life.

Good thing I start training with Mike tomorrow!

NaBloPoMo #29- The Yeti is Dead

The joys of having all girls. Hair fights in the mornings, clothes fights in the afternoon, period talk at the dinner table. We've experienced it all. Recently we had "the Talk" with Zombiegirl because they were showing a "body" film in school and I wanted her to be prepared. TMI, Mom. That's what I got when I showed her the "Miracle of Birth" film.

We were on our way to Cheeburger, Cheeburger (review to follow) in Plainview tonight in Dad's truck. MR was in the front and Beena, Z-girl and I were in the back. The AC was blasting and Z-girl was getting goosebumps. Which caused the hair on her legs to stand straight up! Beena and I were amazed at how much hair she had- she was furry! Okay, she's got a great tan and blondish hair but alot of it. When she put her legs into the front seat to show MR, he called her a Wookie. I've had this discussion with some of the other moms (seems this generation is unnaturally hairy) and we've all agreed that it's to early for them to shave. But Beena suggested using Nair on the little Yeti.

I am thankful that Zombiegirl is growing up with an older sister. When I piss her off, and I know I will, it's good to know she can go to her sister, who has a good head on her shoulders. She'll confide more in Beena than with me, and I'm surprisingly okay with that. I don't have a sibling anymore to share my pains and joys so I'm glad the girls have each other. And getting rid of unwanted hair might be a little cooler if she takes it off with her sister instead of her mom. As long as she runs downstairs with a big grin on her face and rubs her legs against mine to show how smooth they are. As long as she still wants to snuggle on the couch- just a little while longer.

NABloPoMo #28- I Was Blogging, I Swear!

Oh for crying out loud, I can't wait until August is over and I can forget to blog a day and not feel guilty.

I was blogging last night, really.

Just not here.

My hubby- he who still does not have an ATM card, fought to NOT get EZ Pass and won't join Facebook- has a blog.

Yes. You read correctly.

You see, he has a love of watches- much like Rachel Zoe loves shoes, or a drug addict loves a speedball- he loves watches. He tries to talk to me about the 75mm o-ring or the 32 jewels in the automatic setting but I just kinda...

Oops. Sorry. Spaced out a little there. See? That's what happens when he starts watch talking to me. So I suggested awhile back that he start a blog so that he can spout all his expertise to other watch collectors.

So having some blog experience I helped him set up his account and template. He figured out how to upload the pictures himself, bless his heart! His very clever, so if you can get through the watch mumbo-jumbo, he writes a good blog.

From Time to Time. Read it and comment- make him feel good!

NaBloPoMo #27- AuntSoo to the fourth!

I'm going to be an aunt again! MR's baby sister Paula and her husband Ray are expecting!

This will be their fourth child. All the rest are four and under.

They're crazy. But they make beautiful babies.

When Raymond, formerly known as Ray-Ray, was little and Paula was expecting Sammy, Beena went upstate to live with them for the summer as an au pair. She got really close to the kids- so close that the family took her to the Bahamas with them so Paula and Ray could go out at night. Unfortunately, we live about an hour and a half away, so I don't get to see them as much as I want to.

But when we do, we can't help talking about them all the way home. They are riots. Sammy (aka Samantha) with her crazy beautiful hair, Raymond with his fasination with trucks and guns and Lily asking "why?" all the time. They are precocious, smart and wild. They're loving and funny and satisfy my need to read to small children. And tickle. I have to tickle these kids because their laughs are cotton candy and gumdrops. I've done "baby hat" *to each and every one of those kids- some of them while in the hospital waiting for their baby brother or sister to be born. I wish I lived around the corner so Aunt Soo can spoil them rotten. I'm jealous of Titi who only lives five minutes away. But I love Titi, too. She's a wonderful aunt,

Paula doesn't want to know what the next baby is going to be, but I think we're all wishing for a boy. I know whatever it is, it'll be as beautiful and loved as the others.

We took this picture to give to Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas last year...

What a family!

NaBloPoMo #26- September is Anti-Procrastination Month!

Okay, so I'm caught up on my NaBloPoMo. I really fell apart, physically. But thanks to those who reminded me that I was behind. So kind, so kind.

So we're winding down August. Holy crap, where did the month go? Pre-camping was spent planning for camping, then post-camping was spent being sick. Throw the craft sale in there (which I WILL blog about) and August has just been used up.

I was thinking about September and how this month always felt like the beginning of a new year. As a kid, I always looked forward to September- a new grade in school, new cartoon lineup, new clothes, new supplies. January never felt like a new year- it was always September.

This September I have a lot to look forward to as well as a lot to be thankful for. Zombiegirl is going into the 5th grade. She's also starting on her Travel Soccer team. We're celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary. My favorite season starts. 9/9/09 occurs (I always love those dates...) In honor of this September, I wanted to start anew, too, and finish specific things I've started. So I label September Anti-Procrastination Month. At least in my little world.

The things I want to get done in September are:
  • Finish St. Andrew's renovation. This takes all of two pieces of wood, but I've been putting it off then forgetting about it. 'K, this is also a good idea for a blog post- my renovation efforts of the church.
  • Update St. Andrew's website. Will try to be a weekly thing, but I have to start it.
  • Finish the upstairs hallway painting. I have a small piece left on the ceiling- what is my problem? Why can't I finish this??? Once I finish, I can start blaming MR for not finishing the balustrades, bathroom, etc! Throw the ball back into his court.
  • Do three things on my 101 in 1001 days list, specifically #15, #40, and #46.

Seven things. That's not a big deal, right? Completing these seven things will clear the way for the rest of the things I have to do without feeling guilty. Such small things, but they weigh heavy on my soul.

If I can complete these the first week of September, I'll add more. Not making any promises to myself, though. We'll see. Procrastination IS my middle name.

NaBloPoMo #25- Stuck on You

I find things stuck on or in my body.

Like the day 11 or 12 years ago I found a bead in my belly button.

I had forgotten the girls and I were playing with beads and they stuck it in there to make me pretty. Three days before I actually found it.

Or the time I was at work and used the ladies room. While washing my hands I looked in the mirror and noticed a huge parrot sticker stuck to the side of my hair. The girls had a ritual- they would give me a sticker in the morning to "remember them" while I was at work. They would put it on my shirt and I would take it off when I left the house. I changed my shirt that day after being stickered, and figured the sticker was still on the shirt. Nope, it was on my hair. And no one told me. I rode the A Train in that morning. For over an hour. And worked. For over an hour.

Or the time I had a Chiquita banana sticker stuck to my pants. I brought a banana to work and the sticker made it's way from the banana to my chair. I sat down and Tada! [cue music] I'm a Chiquita banana, and I'm here to say- I'm an asshat! Practically all day. Until my manager told me I had a sticker on my ass, and could he take it off for me? (The days before sexual harassment awareness...)

Or the time (this morning) I'm taking a shower and find an OB tampon wrapper (you know, the plastic middle piece that separates the top and the bottom) stuck on my ass. Was it from last night, when I changed the OB, or from this morning when I sat on the toilet? Either way, it was there for awhile because I was up at 5:00 am (see dreamscape below) doing stuff and I took a shower at 6:00 am.

Am I unusually sticky? Or maybe overly sweaty? Or just clueless.

I vote for clueless. I just picked up my lunch two blocks away with my suit jacket buttoned crooked. And wondered why the weird lady in the lobby was looking at ME weirdly.

I'm an asshat.

NaBloPoMo #24- Dreamscape 1

This segment brought to you by Mamasoo's wacky subconscience...

As he leaned over her sleeping body, her eyes snapped open and all she could see were his gleaming fangs. She twisted her head to the left, to see if her husband was awake and if he was, did he see what she was seeing? The intense pain she experienced when she turned snapped her head back- face to face with the vampire. She cried out- not because she was afraid, because she was strangely calm, but because her neck hurt so much. Did he already bite me, she thought? "No," he said aloud, "I didn't. Yet." Now she felt a small trickle of fear creep down her spine. Where was her husband? She moved her hand over the quilt to where her husband should be. There was the remote for the TV, but no husband. "He's not here," the vampire whispered in her ear. "There's no one here but you and me." She tried again to turn her head to the left, but again met with intense pain. She whimpered and the vampire, in reply to her murmur, brushed his fangs against the tight knot in her neck. "You have a pinched nerve, my love." He placed the points of his fangs against the pain. "Here, let me relieve you of the agony." As he shifted on the bed to place her in the most tender of embraces, she rolled to the left, ignoring the searing pain in her neck. The vampire fell on the empty spot and cried out in frustration. With a speed that defied nature, he was on her from behind, holding her head at an angle that would allow him access to the tight cable in her neck, as well as her vein. With a moan, he sank his fangs deep into the ache in her neck. She screamed, first her husband's name, then the name of the vampire, before she lost consciousness.

Deep in the comforting blackness, she heard the insects. They grew louder and louder until she rushed to the surface of the abyss and realized it was her alarm clock. It was 5:00. Time to get up.

A pinched nerve, True Blood and too many vampire books have invaded my dreams. Thanks, SS23, for starting the Dreamscape series.

NaBloPoMo #23- Take a Vacation

These past few days I don't feel like my writing's been right (or write). My head's been spinning- from sickness, stress, etc. I can't concentrate and I feel that's coming out in my blog. So here, take a little vacation from my blithering idiocy and take a look at what cheers me up courtesy of I Can Has Cheezeburger:
And don't say you don't get it. They're funny. Do you have a favorite LoLCat?

NaBloPoMo #22- Down for the Count

My body is betraying me. It's kicking its own ass. And because of this, my weekend was put on hold.

Including posting for NaBloPoMo. Shit.

Did I mention I got the stomach virus Zombiegirl came down with? The stomach virus Beena then caught? Well I guess it wasn't the full blown virus I had on Thursday because I GOT IT AGAIN YESTERDAY! Let me recap my wonderful weekend...

Friday I had to go to New Jersey. I woke up with a migraine- I'll explain the reason why in a minute- and still queasy from the day before. I slept on the train and felt a little better before I got onto the ferry. Have I written about my commute to Weehawken once a month? Oh, it's so much fun. I take the 7:38 LIRR to Penn Station. Across the street from Penn I catch the NY Waterways Ferry bus to the ferry terminal. Then I take the Ferry to Weehawken. Add a plane to that and I've covered most modes of transportation. So to do all this with a migraine wasn't my idea of a good time. Much like sitting in a conference room all day going over the same crap we went over two weeks prior isn't my idea of a good time. You could say I go inot these meetings with a bad attitude already. Being sick didn't help. Plus, I was supposed to go out with work friends that night to celebrate some birthdays. I was just not feeling up to it, and I'm sure I hurt some feelings. Sorry, but not my fault.

I leave around 4:00pm but when I walk out, it's more like 9:00 pm. It was totally dark- did I black out for a few hours? Did the meeting run too long? Nope, the rains are coming. And come they did. The heavens opened up the minute I stepped out of the building (of course they did!) I shared my tiny umbrella with someone else walking to the ferry, then with this poor guy holding papers and getting soaked. With three people under my umbrella my poor new Coach bag got drenched, as did my sweater. I took it off on the ferry and actually wrung it out. So that's why I woke up with such a bad migraine- was it supposed to rain like this today?

I get home and it's a mad dash to get everything together for the craft sale on Saturday. All I want to do is go to sleep, but I have to remember to take everything with me, since we're going out to the beach house in order to leave at a decent time to make it to the Hamptons by 8:00 am the next morning. Beena is throwing up and I feel totally guilty leaving her. She reassures me she's going to sleep right after we leave. I still feel bad, but we have to go. At this point my head is pounding. I sleep in the car. MR is not happy.

The rest of Friday night I spend finishing up the Fairy wands I was sewing at the meeting (heh) and watching more of "Dead Like Me" on Why didn't I go to bed, you ask? Sleep is the ultimate relief, you say! Why did you stay up to make wands?

I was afraid I wouldn't have much to sell at the craft sale.

And it was a good thing I did. They all sold. But that's another post.

Fast forward to Sunday, the day we're supposed to go to Splish Splash and have everyone over for a BBQ. I wake up at around five in the morning with my ass telling me to Go! Go! Go! Quickly! I fly to the bathroom and...

Great. The Big D.

I go back to bed and fifteen minutes later- Go! Go! GO! This went on for an hour until my virus figured it would be more efficient if it found another exit. Go north, it said!

Have I told you how much I hate throwing up?

I cried myself back to bed, hating my body, hating the person who gave us this bug and hating MR becuase he didn't wake up and comfort me. What do I do about Splish Splash? And why does my head still hurt? Well, the Splish Splash thing worked out- MR dropped Zombiegirl off to meet up with the soccer families, and Beena recuperated enough that she and Big J went too. No one wanted to come over for a BBQ becuase I was infected , so I slept all day while MR played on the PC (thanks, Jeff!) I figured while I sleep I can't throw up. But the minute I woke up- Go! Go! GO!

Did I mention that while my body was betraying me this way I was also bleeding like a stuck pig? So I had all that crap to deal with, too. If I ever meet Eve in the Heaven, I'm going to punch her in the head.

I need vitamins.

NaBloPoMo#21- Dead Like Me

No, the title is not describing my physical state, even though after our camping trip I am exhausted. Some vacation- I cook, I clean, I do dishes, I come back more tired than I started. No, the title is this show we found on MR and I watch a few episodes every time we come out to the beach house (thanks, Jeff!) It's one of the things we do once Zombiegirl is in bed.

Why this show ran only two seasons and was cancelled is beyond me. We absolutely love it.

I'll try to give a quick synopsis without giving too much info.

George (Ellen Muth), only 18 years old, is killed in a freak accident. Instead of going to Heaven (or Hell) she becomes a Grim Reaper, and joins a team of other Reapers lead by Rube (Mandy Patankin) . They have to collect the souls of people like you and me who die in other freak accidents so that they don't experiece too much pain and can move into the "Great Beyond" without too much stress.

Our protagonist is a college dropout who couldn't find her way in life and is having trouble finding her way in death. She's cynical and wry and sarcastic- but not in a grating way that makes you dislike her. She's a teenager who has to learn about life, and death. The team of Reapers is made up of Ruby (Jasmine Guy), a meter maid with an attitude, Mason (Callum Blue), a former drug addict and opportunist and Daisy (Laura Harris), an actress who was better known for her blowjobs than for her screen presence. The Reapers have all died with unresolved issues who aren't allowed to go into the afterlife until their lives are resolved.

Also trying to resolve George's death is her family. Joy, her mother, played by Cynthia Stevenson, is a cold and aloof mom who is realizing if she doesn't change, she's going to lose her other daughter, Reggie. Reggie (Britt McKillip) is trying to come to terms with her sister's death- a sister she wasn't really close to, but still looked up to. This cast is wonderful. They're annoying and snotty but human and frail, too.

The show was created and produced by Bryan Fuller who was responsible for shows such as Heroes and Pushing Daisies (another show about Death). It's a black comedy that uses humor to explore loss and loneliness, and mostly, regret. I've laughed through some tears, I'll admit it.

Who would like this show? Anyone who loved Six Feet Under, Dexter, True Blood or Pushing Daisies.

NaBloPoMo #20- Dance with me

I took advantage of being sick today. I caught that stomach virus Zombiegirl had yesterday. I stayed in bed all day today and made tutus. We have a craft fair out in the Hamptons on Saturday, and of course I have nothing to sell. So I figured I would test the tutus to see if they would be popular for future craft shows. I spent about $40 on all the tulle, and I figured I could get 15 or more tutus made. I have 4 sizes- from infant to 7/8 year old. All different colors and patterns. They look so cute all together!

I started making these on the way up to Little Pond. I made three by the time we got there. The next morning, I pulled them out and started making more. In a bit, I had an audience. All the girls and some of my mom friends all had an opinion on the color sequences and eventually, every girl asked if they could have one. Even one of the boys wanted one (and I'm not telling which one!) Really, they're so easy, I said, that the girls could make their own. They were excited and started putting in their color orders. And deciding what they would wear with their tutus! I think I found this year's Christmas gifts!

While we're packing up the campsite to come home, all the kids made friends with the little beauty that moved into Jodi's site (the G's left a day early.) Little Eve is sixteen months old. She followed the big kids around up and down the road, under the watchful eye of her mom, of course. Zombiegirl, Suze and Kedalls all ran over to me and asked if Eve could have a tutu. If they were expensive, or hard to make, I would have said no. But I figured she would be a great test to see if it was the right size and all.

When the girls gave the tutu to her mom, Eve came running over and pointed to it and smiled! Wow. Pretty must be an inherent trait in girls! Mom put it on Eve, and the face! That face made every one of those kids smile! And it fit! It was definitely another good moment. I was so proud of the girls for thinking of someone other than themselves.

So thanks, Eve, for being my tiny dancer. And thanks to my daughter and her wonderful friends for being so kind. Ten year olds doing random acts of kindness- makes you hopeful for the future.

NaBloPoMo #19- I Have Moments.

In case you haven't realized, I'm a crabby person. I complain constantly. I gripe, moan and bitch. I rarely see the positive and focus way too much on the negative. These are all reasons I started this blog, however. To try to get things out of my head and help me improve myself.

I do have moments of pure joy and happiness. No, really. I do. In fact this past week, I've experienced several. Walking in the city (on a Wednesday- Polyester Day- gasp!) after work last week. Instead of going down through Rockefeller Center to the F train, I had to mail a letter, so I exited at the street. I got caught up in a crowd of people (tourists!) who were just walking and laughing. Two of the girls were in totally wacky clothes. I was in the middle of this crowd and my heart swelled. I was like the Grinch, holding up all those presents, when his heart grew three times larger. I laughed to myself, walked another block with these people, and went underground. I was in a good mood the rest of the night.

Also last week, walking to the train station, listening to the Allman Brothers singing "Little Martha." I passed under a tree just as the wind blew and little droplets of rain scattered all around me. Listening to that song (even though it's a sad song) and experiencing those little raindrops and the wind in the trees gave me goosebumps. And my heart swelled again.

Sitting around a campfire, having kids jump at the chance to burn marshmallows for your s'more and talking with good friends is a definite good moment. Having all those people waiting and trying to help you down the hiking hill because you lost your balance, grabbed a tree and stepped on a loose stone and was laughing so hard you couldn't move was a definite good moment. Having your mom friends stick by you while you were choking (okay- that wasn't a good time) and then have the little ones come up to you to check to see if you were okay was a definite good moment. Eating awesome food cooked over an open fire on your new camp plate and the Drink of the Day refilled for you several times without even asking was a good moment. And every time I had a good moment, I thanked God for them. They're precious- they don't come along often. But when they do, I totally appreciate them.

Sorry if this post seems a little off. I don't think I did my moments justice. I'm still really tired- Zombiegirl is sick and I"m not feeling too hot myself. Give me awhile. I'll go back over it and try to clean it up.

NaBloPoMo #18- They're Baaack!

We're back from camping. And I didn't get eaten by bears. Sorry to the anonymous commenter who wished my death by bear consumption. Maybe next time.

Huge thanks to SS23 and R and Beena and Lola and Spencer for filling in for me. I was a little scared to see what you would write, but I realized I didn't have to worry. They were great posts- thanks for indulging my little promise to myself. I would be more enthusiastic, but I'm exhausted. Love you, and really, thanks.

Was I glad to go camping? Yes. Was I glad to come home? Again, yes. I'm tired, bruised, bitten, swollen, aggravated, achy and it hurts when I pee. But while we camped I laughed, snuggled, hiked, drank, sang, ate and had an awesome time with people I care about. So that good totally outweighs all the bad.

I did miss a hot shower by myself, which is one of the first things I did when I got home.

I'll tell you all about our trip in the next few posts.

NaBloPoMo # 17

Hey everyone, this is Beena posting for Mom while she is away still camping. So today is my day to blog. I wasn’t going to until Mom talked me into it, and plus she sounded pretty desperate. I mean, she posted it twice on facebook with no responses. I told Mom that I had no idea what to write about. I’m a math major, not an english major. Mom suggested I blog about work. Ugh I hate work these days. I wasn’t going to until I had the most awful week there.

So these past two weeks are what we call a floorset in retail world. It’s back to school and soon all the bratty teenagers will be in here demanding all the new clothes while their stressed out mothers pick up the tab. This floorset involves practically rearranging the whole store moving the old to the back and the new to the front. We have had shipment almost every day (opposed to 3 times a week), oh, and did I mention there is a deadline to get it done. So it’s safe to say everyone is pretty stressed out. Add that to the crazy customers we got in there today, makes for a good post. (Well at least I think so).

Today topped the cake. There is so much to do and all of our regular crazies came in today. So I decided to make a list of things NOT to do when you go into a retail store. Please, take my advice. Imp practically begging at this point. As a matter of fact, after this post, I might just go and write down the web address on every receipt so all the customers can read it too. Also, I am sorry if I sound mean. Ask Mom; once you get me started on work, I can’t shut up.

•This is a junior store. I know that you might want to fit into the clothes here, but in reality, you probably can’t. No, it’s not because everything runs small. No, it’s not because it must be the way it’s made. It is because it is made for 12-23 year olds. (23 is even pushing it but we do have some clubby tops and sexy lingerie that I can’t see 12 year olds using.) When you ask me why you can’t fit into your small top, I will try my best to be nice and say “well, it is a junior store”. Please save the awkwardness and don’t even ask. This is also a GIRLS junior store. No, we don’t sell men’s clothing.

•I know that you really really need that shirt ten minutes AFTER we close, but I am really not going to let you in. No matter how hard you beg. So please stop banging on the window.

•As a matter of fact, I do have a life outside of work so when you arrive at the door, look at the time we close, realize that that time is 1.5 minutes away, please walk away. Do not come in.

•Just because I work in retail, does not mean I am stupid. Again, I’m a math major. Please don’t come up to the register with a “50% off NOW 3.99” sticker you ripped off and stuck on the brand new $40 dress. I can do math.

•When you see that I am reworking an area, this does not mean that new merchandise is going out. So please stop standing right where I need to put the giant stack of shoes, and then knock them down when you start to look at them because you think they are new.

•If the first 4 doors you try in the fitting room are locked, there is no need to continue checking. They are all probably locked.

•Speaking of the fitting room, once you realize the bell goes off when you stand under it, please don’t stop in the doorway. This will not make me come to you any faster. Also, there is a sign there that says “6 items allowed” so when I ask you how many you have please don’t tell me “a lot” and expect me to open the room for you, this will not save you from counting your 100 items.

•I am very sorry to tell you that retail is out to confuse you. But by now, I hope that you will have already figured this out. Maybe not. Please, do not come up to me and tell me that your $20 shoes are $7.99 because you found it on the “$7.99 rack” my answer to you will automatically be “and up”. Every sign says it. Somewhere.

•No, there are no coupons out right now for you. Even if there were, why should I give you one? Please stop asking me.

•My wonderful retail store pays me. I do not get extra for babysitting, nor do you pay me for babysitting. Please watch your kids. It is not in my job description.

•I have a name. You might not know it but you may certainly not call me by any of the following:
o “Psst”
o “Baby”
o “Yoo hoo”
o “Hello??”
o “Lady”
•Last but not least, before you ask; yes I work here. What gave it away? My bright blue neck lanyard? My smiling face? The fact that you just saw me behind the register?


NaBloPoMo # 16

Hello, my name is ....... Yeah right. I'm here to guest blog for Sue, while she's out there in the wilderness.
So, it was my 26th birthday yesterday, and the weather was absolutely perfect!!! My sister and I headed down to the Jersey Shore at 8:30 am, we still hit a bit of traffic. A little before 10 a.m. we arrive to Long Branch Beach, love that beach; it's close clean perfect for a day at the shore. We didn't want to sit near the boardwalk since the beach is more crowded on that side, so we went to the more residential area of the beach and we found a nice man waving us down to give us his parking spot, Nice Guy. I took this a sign of a great day/ and year ahead. The lovely green yucky water was decent and the tides were pretty low so it was seriously a perfect day!! My sister, who loves the beach went back and forth to the water. I on the other hand love to sleep, so I took about 3 naps and read a book. WOW, me read, I haven't read a book in months. I probably read two books a year, so I guess I'm on track LOL.

OK so lets get to the meaty stuff, around 3pm we leave the beach and head back home. My mother, whom I don't live with (parents are divorced) kept calling me throughout the day, asking if I was going to come visit her. So I go, and I'm immensely disappointed. It's like frikin tradition to have a cake on your bday WHERE WAS MINE!!! NO CAKE, NO FOOD, NO CARD, NOTHING!!!!! Why was I there, did I mention I'm PMSING!!! so I'm PO'd and turned into a birthday brat!! I didn't get a cake, NO CAKE. I try to act calm and collected and for my mothers defense, she spent the day at a funeral. Sorry ma, but a cake takes 5 mins to buy. ( maybe I'll get one today, but it's not by birthday) I know I'm being a Brat :)

It's now Officially Night time "PARTY TIME" my sister, was nice enough to stay home (dads house) and cook some dinner so we wouldn't party on an empty stomach, or the fast food stomach, never have good results from that. Boy oh boy we Pre-gamed at home, we were ready to party (of course we had our DD, one of my bff's). So we go to crash a friends That party was seriously poppin. The music was great, the lights went out, everyone screamed the music came back on, I did some crazy Irish looking dance with some old guy. A really short guy danced with my sister. It was great, we had a blast, but must I say I'm getting old and this is no longer my scene. An hour and half after we're through with dancing, we all look at each do a head nod is perfect sync and head out laughing, can't hear a thing since the music was so loud met up with our other friends at the boring party took pics in the parking lot, like we were in high school, and had a blast, laughing, cracking jokes, it was great. I had a great night.

Still NO CAKE though :)

Out of order ( Sorry mom)

Ok- So There was a mix-up in days. I think Mom told me and her guest bloggers two different things. so the posts are a little out of order. SS23's post was supposed to be on Friday, but it's posted now. ( Two in one day!!) I'll be back on Monday for my post. Sorry about that!

100th Post! Hooray!

And I'm not here to do anything about it! Between packing and working, this post snuck up on me! So I posted, but I do want to do something special.

When I get back, I'll have an awesome giveaway, and a few 100 lists!

Stay tuned. And hope a bear doesn't eat me!

NaBloPoMo #15- Guest Post! Spencer and Lola

Today's guest posters (since none of my other friends wanted to post) are Lola and Spencer. Lola's the black beast, Spencer's the yellow one. Yeah, um.

lola: momma and ppppa and little one have been gone for three days. why didn't they take lolagirl?
spencer: dunno. you hungry? i hungry. i want steak and fish and carrot and apple and chicken and cookie and...look... a fly!

lola: momma and poppa left big girl here to take care of us. she doesn't let lolagirl into her room to sleep anymore because the big noisy box is on. it's nice and cold in big girl room now. i like nice and cold! where did momma and pappa and little one go? sigh.

spencer: that fly really fly fast. too fast for me to eat. what do you want to do, lolagirl?

lola: did momma and poppa go to the house with the big water? i love the big water. i love to jump into the big water and swim and swim and swim. they when i come out i roll on the sand and roll and roll and roll. poppa calls me a chicken cutlet.

spencer: what's a cutlet? ow!

lola: spencerboy, when you sneeze you have to stand up. that's why you keep hitting your head. silly boy.

spencer: i have to pee. wait, let me drink more water. okay. i still have to pee. wait, let me drink more water. i have to pee.

lola: big girl always yell at you. you don't wipe your face after you drink. silly boy.

spencer: [thump, scratch, thump, scratch]

lola: spencerboy, you have to take your foot out of your ear after you scratches. that's why you fall down- only three feet on floor! oh, where momma poppa little one?

[patter heard upstairs]

lola: ooh. fishy food. yum.

[bigger patter heard upstairs]

spencerboy: why you eating fishy food again, lolagirl? you get sick and everyone yell at you and tell you to go into the bathroom and i don't see you for a long time and i get sad and start to whine...oh look- there's a fly.

lola: my tummy hurts. too much fishy food. i feel better if i eat bathroom garbage. yum.

spencer: [thump] ow.

lola: spencerboy you can't chase a fly up the wall, you hit your head too much.

spencer: no, my head too hard. i bit my tongue. i need to go drink some water. where is everybody? i don't have anyone to follow around!

lola: i don't know- they packed fuzzy warm bags and that pop-up doggie house. i wish they come home soon. i'm tired of playing with you. where's maggie magee?

spencer: i want something to chew on. i needs bone. where's the bone? oh look- it's the little fuzzy thing.

lola: that's maggie magee, stupid spencerboy. let's chase!

Maggie: You cretins. What are you two stupid canines up to? Don't you know the Hoomans went into the woods to go camping? I heard the Male Hooman say they were going camping. Even though I don't know what that is, that's where they are. The Female Hooman was playing with the washing machinery all last week. Why don't you two jugheads try to find them? Try to get out and go after them. I'll cover for you with Big Girl Hooman. Go on!

lola: silly maggie magee. big girl turn lock on all doors and shut all windows. we can't go out unless she lets us.

spencer: i need to go out now. i need to pee. and poop. and poop. and pee. wait- i can go right now. that rug looks good...

lola: no no no spencerboy. big girl will yell at you, oh...oh...ew...never mind. i guess we just wait for momma poppa little one to come home. i'll just sleep here, on the couchy.

spencer: make room for me. i want something softy to sleep on. oh look, there's a fly.

Thanks to Miss Banshee at Inverse Candlelight for the idea of posting the pet's thoughts. Her kitties are much, much smarter than our dumb dogs.

NaBloPoMo # 14 – Dreamin

Hey there. SS23 here, guest blogging for Mamasoo. Ever since she asked me to post a day for her, I’ve been wracking my brain for what to write about. See, I’ve got my own blog and all, but I’ve been seriously lax in updating it lately (as she was kind enough to remind me of when I asked if I could link my own blog). I’ve been sidetracked with life and a wife and fun neighbors and not-so-fun neighbors and a stupid soap opera I’ve become a little scarily obsessed with, so I haven’t really been writing all that much. So yeah, I’ve been apprehensive about what to write about. Alas, I needn’t have worried because my inspiration came to me, literally, in a dream.

So, I had kind of a crappy day yesterday and I hadn’t been sleeping all that well earlier in the week, (Thanks, Not-so-fun neighbors!) and I just wanted to go to sleep early. So I did. 9:45 and I’m in my bed. Sweet, right? Well, it was, for a time. I slept pretty soundly, but I had one of those dreams. You know the kind. The ones that feel SO absolutely real that you are 100% convinced that it actually happened. Yeah, that kind.

So my dream started out with me in a tattoo shop. Par for the course, considering Mamasoo’s recent topics. Now to give a little background that’s required to understand what happened in my dream, I have two fairly large tattoos on my back. The smaller of the two is in the traditional ‘tramp-stamp’ location and is a claddagh design with my late grandmothers’ initials in the center of the heart. The larger of the two is an Amy Brown fairy design called Fire Dance and is located between my shoulder blades. It comes in at about 8” x 8” so its kinda big. However, I got this one three years ago and I wanted it without a black outline to maintain the feminine look of it. Little did I know, tattoos without a proper black outline will eventually seep out and sort of blend the colors together. My father now jokes at what a nice wine stain I have on my back. So, I am going to get the whole thing redone in the proper way while the design is still visible enough to fix. Hence, why I’m dreaming about tattoos. Now, background all set, back to the dream.

So, I’m in the shop and I’m showing the guy my tattoo and a picture of the real design and telling him what I want it to look like and we’re all in agreement. He understands me, I understand him. We’re all set. I get in the chair and the pain begins. I’m lucky enough to block out however long it actually takes him to do the tattoo and magically, I’m all done and he’s asking me if I’m ready to see it. I’m all sorts of excited and I go over to the full length mirror and I turn around and…..HORROR. From the bottom of my neck to the very top of my butt, he has crafted a humongous Egyptian style Dog-Pharaoh like THING, done entirely in blocks of red and black ink, done in Picasso’s cubism style, effectively covering both of my preexisting tattoos. The tattoo guy sees the look of utter disgust on my face and goes on the defensive, “What? You don’t like it?”

I must give him my bestest look of death ever, cause he backs up a step. Then I proceed to yell at him like I’ve never yelled at anyone in my life before. I’m just in complete and utter disbelief. I ask him if he was conscious when we had our pre-tattoo conversation. I don’t understand how on earth he thought that “make my fairy pretty again” meant “do whatever the hell you want with my ENTIRE freaking back”!!! At this point, I break down crying and sobbing and how much is the tattoo removal services for this going to cost me?? He’s still insisting that I pay for this atrocity, so I basically slap him upside his head and leave.

(Disclaimer: The entire section above beginning from the “What? You don’t like it?” until now was worded much more strongly and colorfully in my dream, cause that’s me. But since this is Mamasoo’s site, I’ll refrain from posting all the profanities that came out of me during this time. Thank you.)

So, when I actually wake up out of this nightmare, I actually run to the bathroom, whip off my shirt and make sure that there is no huge red and black pharaoh-dog on my back. Thank god there wasn’t. However, me not really being a chipper morning person, my wife realized the speed with which I got out of bed and asked what had gotten into me. I told her all about the dream and she started laughing. I wasn’t really finding anything funny at the moment, but she explained to me that she had come to bed around midnight. I was already asleep, but she said I was kind of twitching about and making generally angry sounding noises so she figured that I was having a bad dream. The only recognizable word I had uttered in my sleep was a resounding “DAMMIT”, which I found comical, considering all the other possible words that could have come out. I suppose I censor myself better in sleep than I do during the day!

Alright, that’s my little story for the day. Hope you enjoyed!

NaBloPoMo #13- Camp Songs

I grew up going to Girl Scout camp. Mom was a leader, so I think I went even before I was the right age for the troop. I loved everything about camp- the Kaper charts (which I modeled our Soccer camp meals on,) the Saturday Night Hunch Munch (pasta and meat sauce,) the hikes- but I especially loved the bus ride to Camp Kaufman and back. That's when we sang songs. For hours. Much to the bus driver's dismay.

I loved those songs.

But I can only remember a handful.

And I taught the ones I could remember to the kids at our Soccer Camp trip last year. Now they're on my blog, so I will never forget them!

Like this one, complete with hand motions:
A boy and a girl in a little canoe
With the moon shining all around
And as he paddles his paddle
You couldn't even hear a sound
So they talked, and they talked
Till the moon grew dim
Said you better kiss me or get out and swim
So what you gonna do in a little canoe
With the moon shinin' all a
A boy paddli' all a
A girl swimmin' all around!
Oh yeah? (kiss kiss) oh yeah!

Then there's everyone's favorite repeat-after-me-song:
The other day, I met a bear
Up in the woods, oh way up there,
The other day, I met a bear
Up in the woods, oh way up there.
He said to me, why don't you run?
I see you ain't got any gun!
He said to me, why don't you run?
I see you ain't got any gun!
And so I ran away from there
And right behind me came that bear
And so I ran away from there
And right behind me came that bear.
Ahead of me there was a tree
A great big tree- Oh Lordy Me!
Ahead of me there was a tree
A great big tree- Oh Lordy Me!
The nearest branch was ten feet up
I'd have to jump and trust my luck.
The nearest branch was ten feet up
I'd have to jump and trust my luck.
And so I jumped into the air,
And missed that branch oh way up there!
And so I jumped into the air,
And missed that branch oh way up there!
Now don't you fret and don't you frown.
I caught that branch on the way back down.
Now don't you fret and don't you frown.
I caught that branch on the way back down.
That's all there is, there ain't no more
Unless I meet that bear once more.
That's all there is, there ain't no more
Unless I meet that bear once more.

I sing the first part and everyone else sings the second part. The kids love this! EVERY time I sing it I think of all the good times I had with Mom and the Girl Scouts.

I learned the next song at Girl Scout training. I went on an overnight with GS trainers to learn how to (again) become a certified Camp Leader. Now I can take Zombiegirl's troop camping out to Camp Blue Bay in East Hampton and not lose any of the kids or set them on fire.

It's another repeat-after-me song:
There was a great big moose!
He liked to drink a lot of juice.
There was a great big moose!
He liked to drink a lot of juice.
Singin' oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
Way oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
The moose's name was Fred.
He liked to drink his juice in bed.
The moose's name was Fred.
He liked to drink his juice in bed.Singin' oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
Way oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
He drank his juice with care,
but he spilled some in his hair.
He drank his juice with care,
but he spilled some in his hair.
Singin' oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
Way oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
Now he's a sticky moose
'Cause he's all covered in juice!
Singin' oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
Way oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
There's a sticky moooooose
There's a sticky mooooose
Full of juuuuuice
Full of juuuuuice
On the looooooose
On the loooooose!

And Zombiegirl is going to teach us a song she learned at 4H camp:
Hey, Hey, Bo Diddley Bop
I gotta get back to my block
with a pizza in my hand
I’m gonna be a pizza man
pizza man
I’m gonna be a pizza man

Hey, Hey, Bo Diddley Bop
I gotta get back to my block
with my car keys in my hand
I’m gonna drive my Chevy van
Chevy van, pizza man,
I’m gonna be a pizza man

Hey, Hey, Bo Diddley Bop
I gotta get back to my block
with a basketball in my hand
I’m gonna be like Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan, Chevy van, pizza man
I’m gonna be a pizza man

Hey, Hey, Bo Diddley Bop
I gotta get back to my block
with some noonchucks in my hand
I’m gonna be like Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan, Michael Jordan, Chevy van, pizza man
I’m gonna be a pizza man
I’m gonna be... a... piz... za... man !

Each verse gets louder until they're screaming the last verse. Lovely

Two more songs- The Princess Pat and Shark Attack, these kid's will be singing them all year long. They sing them in the car when they all get together, while they're hiking, at soccer practice and once they sang the bear song in Chorus! They all looked at each other and laughed!

Tell me this isn't the stuff memories are made of!

NaBloPoMo #12- Packing!

This is it! Tomorrow we leave for our 3rd Annual Soccer Family Camping Trip. We're going to the base of the Catskills, near Livingston Manor. Little Pond Campground is a DEC run campground. We have four campsites on the lake itself, and one (ours) across the road to form a shortcut to the bathroom. We're all looking forward to it (obviously the kids are) so that means that we all really get along!

Some shots of last years camping trip:
So we're off to commune with the wild, drink copious amounts of alcohol, tie dye shirts and fish. And hopefully stay dry. Our track record is not too good. Our truck is totally stuffed- we might have to leave Zombiegirl home. Just kidding.

Addendum to NaBloPoMo #11

If you're reading this, and you have a tattoo, send me a picture! I'll post all the fab tats that you send in!

I showed you mine, now show me yours!

Tell me where you got it, and how long you've had it. I'll keep all names anon unless you tell me it's okay to post!

Send 'em in! I can't wait to see old and new friends, I mean tats!

NaBloPoMo #11- Mama/Daughter Day


Hey all you tattoo fans! Check out my most awesomest giveaway! Tell me you came here for the tattoo, win a chance at a $100 gift certificate....

My little brother got his first tattoo after his surgery to remove the first cancerous tumor. He was always little rebellious- he had me bleach and perm his hair once. This was the 80's- hair Bands rocked the day! My parents were totally against his getting a tattoo. They threatened to kick him out or disown him. All the nice things parents say when they don't want you to do something.

He comes home with his first tattoo- a blue rose with a banner that says "MOM" on one side and "DAD" on the other.

Mom melted.

He sure knew how to play them! After that, he got two more tattoos- a tiger on his leg and the grim reaper on his shoulder. The rose was on his arm. They were beautiful tattoos. When he passed away from his second round of tumors, we dressed him in a tank top so that his tattoos would show at the funeral. He was 25 years old.

My mom and my brother celebrated their birthdays almost two weeks apart in February. Their birthstones were amethyst. That's why when Beena and I got our tattoos honoring my mom/her grandmother and my brother/her godfather, we requested the cancer ribbon be purple.

We got them last night at Peter Tat2 in West Hempstead on Hempstead Turnpike. John, the Assistant Manager was very patient with us, being virgins and all. Beena chose her inside leg, right above her ankle and I wanted it on my back because if I look at it too much, I'll get sad.

Beena went first, shaking like a leaf. She held my hand and sucked her Jolly Rangers (thanks for the tip, Paula!) It hurt, but my big girl didn't cry! I was so proud of her. I was joking around trying to take her mind off the pain. Halfway through I told her I changed my mind- I wasn't going to get one. She almost jumped out of the chair to strangle me! Twenty minutes later, she was done, wrapped up in a garbage bag (bandage.) My turn. Gulp!

I'm not going to lie and say it didn't hurt. It did and it was like no other pain I ever felt. I gave birth to BIG babies, with no drugs, so I figured I had a high tolerance for pain. Getting this tattoo was like having my skin flayed off. Slowly. With a hot, rusty knife. Well, not rusty- you can't feel rusty, right? I sucked it up and went into my "happy place" (no, Beena, not the hallway, even though the color does make me happy...) While I was concentrating on the wall patterns, I thought to myself that Mom would've been proud of us. As I think this thought, a tiny, pointy oval of light flickers onto the wall. Two or three seconds and it blinks out. It wasn't a reflection from anything- we were in the back room. I thought maybe John had a laser light on his needle machine, but my body and head would've blocked any light from behind where he was sitting. So I'll just take it as my Mom showed up and gave us her approval. I hope we melted her heart in heaven as well.

So bond with your children. If they tell you they want to get a tattoo instead of threatening to throw them out, go with them! lol! Love you, Beena!

NaBloPoMo #10- My Addiction

Hello. My name is Mamasoo, and I have an addiction.

I am addicted to Chipotle's Vegetarian Burrito Bowl.

Big freakin' deal, you may say? It's good for you.

Yes, it may be pretty healthy, and not the worse thing that I've consumed at lunchtime in NYC. But it's also eight freakin' dollars! For salad.

So what, you may also say? At least it's not as expensive as that Chop't place all the suits wait forever on line for.

Okay, yes. It's not as expensive as Chop't. But considering I can eat this every single day for lunch, as well as drag MR over to the one by PC Richard's on the weekend, it's frightening that I'm even considering shelling out $40 for my lunch for the week.

But think of all the guacamole goodness. And the cilantro. Don't you LOVE cilantro?

Okay, okay, I agree. The guacamole is absolutely to die for. And the rice with the cilantro makes me happy, very happy. But everyday? Won't I get sick of it? And it's eight dollars!

Think about the salsas, though. The fresh tomato salsa and the tomatillo red-chili salsa. The roasted corn salsa. The cheese! How can you possible get sick of the best burrito bowl in the world?

Okay, you're right. It's a GOOD addiction. And healthy, too!

That's right! Now pass the hot sauce...

NaBloPoMo #9- I'm Very Much in Demand

At least in the vampire world.

Lately, all I've been reading is vampire books. The Black Dagger Brotherhood, House of Night, Happy Hour of the Dead, The Anita Blake books and of course, Twilight. Either my taste has changed and this is what I'm honing in on at the library, or the literary world is tapping into the bloodlust of America. And with the popularity of HBO's True Blood it truly is a bloodfest.

And I found out while watching True Blood that I am in demand because of my rare blood type. I'm AB-, the favorite blood type of vamps and the New York City Blood Center, who calls 2-3 times a day for me to give blood. Isn't it nice that someone wants you unconditionally (at least parts of you?)

"I never knew what life was until it ran out in a red gush over my lips, my hands!" -Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire

Until dusk...

NaBloPoMo #8- A Bad Habit

It's 11:10 pm. I waited all day to write this post because I wasn't sure what direction I wanted it to go in. Today would've been a special day if if all was normal in my household. But four months ago (actually much longer than that) our family was turned upside down. There's alot of hurt and anger and resentment now so that special day won't be celebrated. And it's making me tired.

Too tired to prepare a post.

We were watching "Dead Like Me" on Hulu and I asked MR what I should write about. He said I should write that too many people were selling baby things at yard sales. Which is true, but not blog worthy. I thought about writing about our upcoming camping trip because I packed and prepared all day for it but it's not for a few days- it seems a little premature. I thought about writing about what I'm going to make for the craft sale in Westhampton in two weeks...but thinking about how much I don't have made is depressing.

So what to write?

MR just suggested I write about a habit of his. Since it makes me smile and look at him in a weird way that's what I'll write about.

MR skootches. I think I spelled that right. No, he doesn't rub his ass across the rug- he slides two pieces of material against each other between his fingers. It makes a skootching noise most of the time. It makes a skootching feel between your fingers. I know. Weird.

Here- try it. Take a piece of organza, pinch it between your fingers and slide it back and forth against itself. It goes skootch, skootch. It sets my teeth on edge sometimes but he's comforted by it. I'll wear something or we'll be shopping and he'll grab the material and skootch it. Proclaim it "good skootching material" and get a dreamy look on his face. I love this about him. His quirky little habit left over from his childhood (ever see the satin edge of a baby blanket? His first skootching experience.)

This is really his only compulsive habit. And it's not an every day thing. Not like me and my cuticle picking, or zit squeezing (I know, I know- disgusting. But hey- Googling that little gem just gave a name to MY condition- Dermatillomania! I have a disorder! Woohoo! Now about that therapist...) MR only skootches when the situation presents itself. He doesn't go out of his way to purposely skootch. It's actually kind of cute when I catch him doing it without him knowing I was watching. Zombiegirl hasn't displayed any kind of obsessive behavior yet, but she liked skootching when MR showed her how.

So there. On a day that was supposed to be a happy celebration, you got skootched!

NaBloPoMo #7- My First Commission!

One of my 101 Things in 1001 Days was to up my Etsy sales. I've had an Etsy shop since January, with a few of my bags and a few of my dinosaurs. I haven't sold anything yet. I was really thinking of taking down the shop and just concentrating on craft sales, but then I got the bill. A whopping $3.03 to keep these items active. Big deal, I decided- it's costing pennies and I'm not doing anything but waiting. So I kept it going.

Yesterday I get a convo from Etsy. My first commission! This little baby is sold!She's going to a customer who, six years ago, asked his girlfriend if he could buy her anything what would she want? She said "A Stegosaurus!" He finally decided to ask her to be his wife and he's using MY stegosaurus to help him propose! How freaking awesome is this? I hope he puts the ring on the tail!

I made three of these dinos for my nieces and nephew, and one each for Parker and JJ. I took the pictures before I wrapped them, and put them on Etsy as a made-to-order item. The customer picks the colors and I'll sew it up. This way I don't have these giant dinosaurs (two feet long) sitting in my office waiting to be sold. So this customer wants black, red and green. (eesh) I'll go and pick the fabric, email him the samples and get his approval. While I'm at it, I'll make a second one to sell at the West Hampton craft sale in 3 weeks. It's really not a big deal to make two at the same time. (I don't have a picture of the Brontosaurus I made for Lilly. I also made that Brontosaurus for the little girl in the family my office adopted at Christmas. Is it a Brontosaurus anymore? I think it's really an Apatosaurus, but the pattern is so old they still call it a Bronto!)

I get so excited when someone actually wants to pay money for the things I create. When I make something for someone as a gift, I always picture that item in the recipient's life. As a gift, it's kind of forced on them. But when someone wants to pay me for my talent- wow. That just blows me away every time.

Check out the Etsy tab for other stuff I'm still selling!

NaBloPoMo #6- Happy Llama Day!

Hey Zombie girl and Kendal-






So, to explain...Kendal taught Z-girl this finger play rhyme one day going to the beach. Like most of their exchanges (Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom) it's been stuck in my head.

I found this video which adds a whole lot more animals. I'm going to try to teach the kids at camp, but it'll be hard. I can't do them without getting all tangled up. Be patient with the video- it loads slowly.

Also, Crazy, Nutty, Mental Llama is really Mentally Disabled Llama, but I changed it in order not to offend my mentally disabled friends. Hi guys! (waving frantically!)

NaBloPoMo #5- My 101 in 1001

I recently found this awesome idea on this blog. Y'all know how much I like making resolutions and how much I like NOT keeping them! But I'm going to try this and roll all of my resolutions into one list. I think my problem is not setting a deadline. My resolutions are more like life changes, but life moves on and I "forget" or become preoccupied with something else. This way I have a list, and a deadline to think about. I think I can clean up my life in three years!

Here goes:

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or defined.

Why 1001 Days? Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as new year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows several months or seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Start Date: August 5, 2009

End Date: May 12, 2012


1. Lose 30 pounds (0/30)
2. Fit into old pair of jeans- the ones in my bottom drawer.
3. Complete 6 sessions with Tameko, my trainer. (0/6)
4. Maintain a workout schedule of at least 3 days a week at the gym.
5. Practice yoga at least 4 days a week.
6. No cheating with bacon. Or meatballs. Unless it's deer.
7. Have a green salad once a day.
8. Cut back the pre-made veggie burgers to once a week.
9. Buy and use the Diva Cup.
10. Continue going to the dentist to have my teeth fixed.
11. Take my vitamins and herbs daily.
12. Put makeup on everyday. At home, before I leave. Not at work or on the train.
13. Blog about the progress of these Body items on the first of every month.


14. Build up savings account to equal 6 months of salary.
15. Fix credit report.
16. Refinance the house.
17. Get quotes on new insurance for house and car.
18. Secure 2 more years of student loans for Beena.
19. Sell stuff on Ebay.
20. Transfer coupon savings into ING account. Try to save $700 a year.

Family and Friends

21. Arrange ceremony to scatter Mom's ashes.
22. Spend more time with Dad.
23. Attend Beena's college graduation.
24. Attend Zombiegirl's 5th grade graduation.
25. Have Communion party for Zombiegirl.
26. Celebrate Beena's 21st birthday in a big way.
27. Be active in PTA for 5th grade.
28. Write or email my aunts regularly.
29. Make and follow family meal plan. Remember to keep it healthy.
30. Meet a long lost friend for lunch.
31. Have a "no reason" dinner party.
32. Go shopping more with the girls.
33. Yearly camping trip or rent a house with soccer families.
34. Yearly "Mom's" overnight trip. (0/3)
35. Go out with "Mom's" once a month. (0/33)
36. Plan MR and my 50th birthday party.
37. Send handmade birthday cards to everyone in my calendar. And NOT late.
38. Do not gossip or rant about friends to friends.
39. {Private}


40. Finish all the alterations on that pile of clothes in the sewing room.
41. Build up my Etsy shop and sell something.
42. Make all my own Christmas cards. (0/3)
43. Make 50% of all my Christmas gifts. (0/3)
44. Make enough merchandise to rent my own table at craft sales.
45. Make an article of clothing and wear it to work.
46. Clean out and organize sewing room.
47. Make mirror for living room using broken Fiesta pieces.
48. Learn how to crochet a granny square.
49. Finish MR's Christmas stocking.


50. Visit 2 states I've never been to before. (0/2)
51. Hike 2 more sections of the Appalachian trail. Overnite. (0/2)
52. Take a "real" family vacation. (0/1)
53. Play "tourist" in NY once a month. (0/33)
54. Try five new restaurants. (0/5)
55. Go to new Citi Field and new Yankee Stadium. (0/2)

Just for Me

56. Get my Pistol Permit
57. Upload all our CD's into our hard drive
58. Scrapbook 2008 photos in 2011.
59. Scrapbook 2007 photos in 2010.
60. Scrapbook 2006 photos in 2009.
61. Finish Beena's school scrapbook.
62. Help dad get the Mustang on the road.
63. Get passports for the whole family.
64. Cross 3 things off my bucket list. (0/3)
65. Learn the basics of Photoshop.
66. Learn how to make a blog template using html and Photoshop.
67. Get my 2 tattoos. (0/2)
68. Organize my computer files. Including flash drives.
69. Find a therapist.
70. Read the newspaper everyday.
71. Watch Gone With the Wind, Doctor Zhivago, Great Expectations, The Maltese Falcon, La Dolce Vita, Casablanca , North by Northwest, Rear Window, 39 Steps, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Psycho, Notorious, Dial M for Murder and Spellbound. With popcorn. (0/14)
72. Re-read Sherlock Holmes.
73. Blog about each completed item.

Greening my life

74. Make net produce bags.
75. Compost.
76. Collect rainwater- ask for barrel for Christmas!
77. Grow herbs every year.

House stuff

78. Balustrades and newel posts for the upstairs stairwell.
79. Replace the ceiling and tile in the upstairs bathroom.
80. Change the theme of the upstairs bathroom.
81. New baseboard molding in the kitchen.
82. Start cleaning out the basement for TV room.
83. Start demolition on the downstairs bathroom.
84. Make the fountain for the backyard.
85. Finish walkways in backyard.
86. Follow Flylady everyday.


87. Renew relationship with St. Andrew's.
88. Engage in 25 random acts of kindness. (0/25)
89. Read the Bible.
90. List 100 things that make me happy in a blog.
91. Participate in 5 community service activities. (0/5)
92. Maintain St. A's website.
93. Sketch and doodle in new sketchbook.
94. See beauty everyday. Blog or put it down in sketchbook.


95. New digital SLR camera
96. A pistol
97. A drawer dishwasher
98. A dual flush toilet for the downstairs bathroom
99. A sink for the downstairs bathroom
100. A new refrigerator for the basement
101. A new hybrid car

NaBloPoMo#4- I Love NY!

Tomorrow (August's theme, remember?) is what I like to call "Polyester Day." Wednesdays are matinee days on Broadway, and that means all the tourists and suburbanites in their polyester pantsuits come in and invade the city every Wednesday. Hey, I'm a suburbanite too- don't get the wrong idea. I love that tourism in New York is flourishing despite the downturn in the economy. And I've been a tourist many times in NY. But I think I can give all the tourists and the"polyesters" a few tips so that they don't piss off the people that actually have to commute and work alongside them.

Tip#1: Walk like you're driving. Walk on the right side of the sidewalk. When entering or exiting the subway, keep to the right. Don't "double park" on the sidewalk- pull it over to the side so that people can pass. Don't hog the highway. If you're with a group, don't walk side-by-side, four abreast and slow so no one can get by. And mostly- don't talk or text on the cell in the middle of the sidewalk. Pull over!

Tip#2: Be conscious of people around you. If you're walking down the streets of Manhattan, chances are a thousand other people are walking down the same block as you. If you suddenly stop to look up at the Empire State Building, someone is going to run into your ass. Know this, and do not be pissed off. Again- pull your ass over. And if you stop to take a picture without looking around to see if anyone is going to cross into your picture, do NOT call that person a bitch because she ruined your picture. Take your socks and sandals over to the side of the sidewalk and look around and WAIT if necessary until the coast is clear. We did NOT get the memo to vacate Manhattan so that you can take pictures at your leisure.

Tip#3: Do your research before you come into the city. There are TONS of websites and books devoted to making your stay in Manhattan a memorable experience. Just because the LIRR goes to New York doesn't mean you should just get on it and figure it out when you get there. Plan your trip. Find out what train goes where you need to go. Standing at the subway map blocking the platform is inconsiderate and pisses me off when I can't get by. Take a map with you- it's downloadable from the NYC Transit website.

Tip#4: If you don't know, ask. Native New Yorkers and New York City commuters are not as scary as people have been lead to believe. If you can't figure out where you're going (see Rule #3) ask someone- a security guard, the hot dog vendor, the guy holding the Wall Street Journal, the woman smoking on the sidewalk in front of her building (thanks lady!) I can't vouch for everyone, but I know when I'm asked a question like which way is Madison Avenue, I'm happy to help out.

Tip#5: Orient yourself. In midtown, if you're facing uptown (street numbers going up) then the East side is on your right and the West side is on your left. Reverse facing downtown.

Tip#6: Don't wear matching outfits. This only works if you're in a large group and need to keep track of everyone. Mom, Dad and the kids? You look like morons.

Tip#7: Speaking of groups- If you're all together and waiting to get into the matinee of Mamma Mia, don't all stand around blabbing and blocking the sidewalk. Stand next to the building. You had time enough to blab on the bus.

Those are my tips for a happy healthy symbiotic relationship with New Yorkers. Now if we can get the inconsiderate New Yorkers to work on the SAME TIPS it'll be a happy place for everyone. Especially me. Cuz you know how cranky I get...

NaBloPoMo#3- Lobster Roll Review

I've been going out to the Beach House for about 17-18 years now. At the beginning of the season it's always interesting to see what's popped up or what's been closed over the winter. One spring in 1999, this restaurant popped up almost exactly in front of the entrance to our little beach house community. Lobster Roll Northside is an extension of the famous Hampton's eatery known to the locals as "Lunch".

Ten years ago. And we just stopped in there this year.

Don't get out much, do we?

While Zombiegirl was at camp, MR and I had the whole week to ourselves. After a few days of "so, what do YOU want to do?" we decided to go out to eat. We ended up here since it was so close and we were hot and tired from the beach. Nestled in a little shopping area that includes such stores as the East End Candle Shop, The Teddybear Factory and The Gingerbread Shoppe (oh, so quaint! lol!) this family-friendly restaurant is pretty- there are two outdoor eating areas and the inside areas are airy and open. There's even a little playground for the kids. We requested seating in one of the outdoor areas where there are big blue umbrellas shading the tables.

We started off with beers. MR ordered a burger platter, and I ordered the Horseradish Crusted Salmon Special. Our waitress was great- very attentive. Food was good- the salmon was cooked perfectly. We noticed the Basket of Shrimp Appetizers and decided to take Zombiegirl here the day she got home from camp.

Fast forward to that day...

Zombiegirl, Rob, MR and myself go back to the Lobster Roll Northside. This is after we once again visit the LiV distillery. We again opt to sit outside, this time in the "tall" chairs. Rob and MR order beers and I order, on the waitresses recommendation, a "19th Hole"- vodka, lemonade and iced tea. I decide to support the local economy and ask if they serve LiV vodka. And they do.

Rob and MR get the burger platter (real original, these two!) I order the Grilled Vegetable Wrap and Z-girl orders the Shrimp basket (no kidding!) She also orders the Seafood Nachos- a $15.oo appetizer special. My kid has expensive taste! We didn't mind, though- we missed her and I figured I could help out with the nachos.

Everything was good. I wouldn't go raving about the food, however. On the whole I think it was a little high priced for the quality of the food we got. My two vodka drinks (I switched to LiV vokda and lemonade since the iced tea they gave me in the first drink was nasty) came out to $9 each. Which would've been acceptable if they were both in the tall glass I got with the first drink. Since I took away the iced tea, the drink came in a glass half the size of the first drink. Go figure. So you're definitely paying for the ambience. And because it's situated on Sound Avenue, it's the perfect touristy type place to stop for a bite to eat on the way home from a trip to Greenport or the wineries. Soak the tourists, I always say! Will we go there again? Probably not. Been there, did that (finally) and wasn't really impressed.

NaBloPoMo #2- Time for a Quickie

Still cleaning. Jeez! How much dog hair can I possible vacuum up? I really think we have a spare dog hiding around here. How much hair can one Yellow Lab possibly produce?

We have to find him another home.

But that's another story...

So I really only have time for a quickie post. The neph-cies (nephew and nieces) will be here in a little while, and I still have to get ready for this wedding. While cleaning (and singing my Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom song) I figured I would post on my choice of cleaning supplies. I've been interested in the "green" movement for awhile now, and I'm recycling everything. It's only natural that I would bring my cleaning supplies into the green scene.

Windows- This is an old trick I attribute to my mom. Vinegar and water. She used this the day she went into labor with me- she did all the windows in the apartment to try to stimulate labor. It worked! Vinegar is natural, biodegradable, chemical-free and does a far superior job on leaving windows streak free than Windex or other window cleaners. Use a sheet of newspaper to get a beautiful shine. Lay the newspapers out flat to dry, and you can recycle them! No paper towels in the landfill.

For general cleaning- I've found, at Costco, the Kirkland Environmentally Friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner. It's a 170oz container with an additional 32oz spray bottle. It's a plant-based cleaner with a nice citrus scent. Finally! Thank you Costco, for offering a few more of these environmentally friendly organic items! It works just as well as Fantastic or any of the other chemical based cleaners.

Rug Deodorizer- With the aforementioned Yellow Lab, and the other Lola-like dog, my rug stinks. I sprinkle a cup of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda on the rug (it's a small area rug- 6' x 8') and let it sit for a few minutes. I vacuum it up with my Dyson and no more smell! Plus it makes the vacuum smell better...

Counter tops and Stove tops- We have tile counter tops, and the grout gets discolored and gross- especially in the wet areas. I do use a diluted bleach once a week to bring back the color of the grout, but for everyday use I put a little of the Baking Soda on a sponge and wipe the counters down. Follow up with a rinse and my counter tops are deodorized and sparkling!

Those are some of my contributions to the planet. There's no reason to bring chemical cleaners into your house, or contribute paper towels to the landfill. If everyone did their part and put a little thought into their consumption the world would be a better place!

Cue upbeat music.

I'm out. Tomorrow I'll do the restaurant review- I'll have more time at work!

NaBloPoMo #1- Procrastination to the nth Power

It's 11:04 pm. I've been putting off posting all day and now I have a less than an hour to get a post in. Wow- nothing like starting the month off on a postitive note. But I have excuses. I've been scrubbing, weeding and painting all day in preparation of my nieces and nephew coming over tomorrow. This place has to be spotless, especially at a knee-high level. Beena and Zombiegirl are watching the kids while we go to Barbara and John's wedding. Barbara is my FIL's daughter- MR's step-sister. She's my step-sister-in-law. Follow all that? Good. It gives me a headache.

I haven't been able to give the house a good cleaning, or the garden a good weeding in weeks. Summer's always tough since we go to the beach house on the weekends. Add to that trying to *finally* finish up the painting in the hallway upstairs.

So while I'm doing all this work, instead of listening to showtunes on one of the upper cable channels (like I always do when I'm either home alone or cleaning) I've been humming these little songs Zombiegirl has turned us on to:

The video is awesome. So of course we have to investigate more of these brilliant videos, and we discover Parry Gripp.

According to the LA Times, "Gripp is a 41-year old Santa Barbara native and lead guitarist and vocalist for his band Nerf Herder" and part owner of an orchid nursery. "Between working shifts at the family-owned nursery, he writes music to acccompany various YouTube clips. Some of his most popular are "Cat Flushing a Toilet", and "Chimpanzee Riding on a Segwey".

"Then there's his biggest hit, "Do You Like Waffles," which has been mashed up by numerous fans on YouTube. The song has been selling between 300 to 400 per week for the last year, Gripp said. That adds up to $20,000 before Apple takes its cut. And that's just one song.
Gripp can't participate in YouTube's revenue sharing model, where the company gives some of the ad money to video producers, because he doesn't own the underlying videos that his music accompanies. He instead uses the videos' popularity to drive
sales of the songs on iTunes and ringtones.

He's pleased with the money coming from these outlets. All the attention, he said, has spurred deals to write promotional songs for the Wawa chain of convenience stores and for a cartoon called "Super Hero Squad."

It beats the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, he says. "Most of your time is spent either in a van or a bus," he wrote in an instant message. "You get to whatever place you are going to play at, and then you wait around forever. The actual playing is fun, but the rest of it sucks."

Well, Parry, thanks. Your song "Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom" is going through my head this minute. My kids are tired of me asking them if they like waffles. My husband doesn't understand why I'm telling him "up my butt with a coconut." You're a genius, Parry. And you're my next cell ringtone. Now to decide which song...

Tomorrow? My first restaurant review.

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