NaBloPoMo #10- My Addiction

Hello. My name is Mamasoo, and I have an addiction.

I am addicted to Chipotle's Vegetarian Burrito Bowl.

Big freakin' deal, you may say? It's good for you.

Yes, it may be pretty healthy, and not the worse thing that I've consumed at lunchtime in NYC. But it's also eight freakin' dollars! For salad.

So what, you may also say? At least it's not as expensive as that Chop't place all the suits wait forever on line for.

Okay, yes. It's not as expensive as Chop't. But considering I can eat this every single day for lunch, as well as drag MR over to the one by PC Richard's on the weekend, it's frightening that I'm even considering shelling out $40 for my lunch for the week.

But think of all the guacamole goodness. And the cilantro. Don't you LOVE cilantro?

Okay, okay, I agree. The guacamole is absolutely to die for. And the rice with the cilantro makes me happy, very happy. But everyday? Won't I get sick of it? And it's eight dollars!

Think about the salsas, though. The fresh tomato salsa and the tomatillo red-chili salsa. The roasted corn salsa. The cheese! How can you possible get sick of the best burrito bowl in the world?

Okay, you're right. It's a GOOD addiction. And healthy, too!

That's right! Now pass the hot sauce...


Anonymous said...

Omg I know exactly how you feel. I love applebees lunch menu but it gets so expensive if you add it up. Atleast your eating healthy. Good job

soulspeak23 said...

should I be concerned that you're starting to talk to yourself quite so much??

Mamasoo said...

Hello- my name is Mamasoo and I'm addicted to talking to myself...


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