NaBloPoMo #18- They're Baaack!

We're back from camping. And I didn't get eaten by bears. Sorry to the anonymous commenter who wished my death by bear consumption. Maybe next time.

Huge thanks to SS23 and R and Beena and Lola and Spencer for filling in for me. I was a little scared to see what you would write, but I realized I didn't have to worry. They were great posts- thanks for indulging my little promise to myself. I would be more enthusiastic, but I'm exhausted. Love you, and really, thanks.

Was I glad to go camping? Yes. Was I glad to come home? Again, yes. I'm tired, bruised, bitten, swollen, aggravated, achy and it hurts when I pee. But while we camped I laughed, snuggled, hiked, drank, sang, ate and had an awesome time with people I care about. So that good totally outweighs all the bad.

I did miss a hot shower by myself, which is one of the first things I did when I got home.

I'll tell you all about our trip in the next few posts.



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