NaBloPoMo #20- Dance with me

I took advantage of being sick today. I caught that stomach virus Zombiegirl had yesterday. I stayed in bed all day today and made tutus. We have a craft fair out in the Hamptons on Saturday, and of course I have nothing to sell. So I figured I would test the tutus to see if they would be popular for future craft shows. I spent about $40 on all the tulle, and I figured I could get 15 or more tutus made. I have 4 sizes- from infant to 7/8 year old. All different colors and patterns. They look so cute all together!

I started making these on the way up to Little Pond. I made three by the time we got there. The next morning, I pulled them out and started making more. In a bit, I had an audience. All the girls and some of my mom friends all had an opinion on the color sequences and eventually, every girl asked if they could have one. Even one of the boys wanted one (and I'm not telling which one!) Really, they're so easy, I said, that the girls could make their own. They were excited and started putting in their color orders. And deciding what they would wear with their tutus! I think I found this year's Christmas gifts!

While we're packing up the campsite to come home, all the kids made friends with the little beauty that moved into Jodi's site (the G's left a day early.) Little Eve is sixteen months old. She followed the big kids around up and down the road, under the watchful eye of her mom, of course. Zombiegirl, Suze and Kedalls all ran over to me and asked if Eve could have a tutu. If they were expensive, or hard to make, I would have said no. But I figured she would be a great test to see if it was the right size and all.

When the girls gave the tutu to her mom, Eve came running over and pointed to it and smiled! Wow. Pretty must be an inherent trait in girls! Mom put it on Eve, and the face! That face made every one of those kids smile! And it fit! It was definitely another good moment. I was so proud of the girls for thinking of someone other than themselves.

So thanks, Eve, for being my tiny dancer. And thanks to my daughter and her wonderful friends for being so kind. Ten year olds doing random acts of kindness- makes you hopeful for the future.



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