NaBloPoMo # 16

Hello, my name is ....... Yeah right. I'm here to guest blog for Sue, while she's out there in the wilderness.
So, it was my 26th birthday yesterday, and the weather was absolutely perfect!!! My sister and I headed down to the Jersey Shore at 8:30 am, we still hit a bit of traffic. A little before 10 a.m. we arrive to Long Branch Beach, love that beach; it's close clean perfect for a day at the shore. We didn't want to sit near the boardwalk since the beach is more crowded on that side, so we went to the more residential area of the beach and we found a nice man waving us down to give us his parking spot, Nice Guy. I took this a sign of a great day/ and year ahead. The lovely green yucky water was decent and the tides were pretty low so it was seriously a perfect day!! My sister, who loves the beach went back and forth to the water. I on the other hand love to sleep, so I took about 3 naps and read a book. WOW, me read, I haven't read a book in months. I probably read two books a year, so I guess I'm on track LOL.

OK so lets get to the meaty stuff, around 3pm we leave the beach and head back home. My mother, whom I don't live with (parents are divorced) kept calling me throughout the day, asking if I was going to come visit her. So I go, and I'm immensely disappointed. It's like frikin tradition to have a cake on your bday WHERE WAS MINE!!! NO CAKE, NO FOOD, NO CARD, NOTHING!!!!! Why was I there, did I mention I'm PMSING!!! so I'm PO'd and turned into a birthday brat!! I didn't get a cake, NO CAKE. I try to act calm and collected and for my mothers defense, she spent the day at a funeral. Sorry ma, but a cake takes 5 mins to buy. ( maybe I'll get one today, but it's not by birthday) I know I'm being a Brat :)

It's now Officially Night time "PARTY TIME" my sister, was nice enough to stay home (dads house) and cook some dinner so we wouldn't party on an empty stomach, or the fast food stomach, never have good results from that. Boy oh boy we Pre-gamed at home, we were ready to party (of course we had our DD, one of my bff's). So we go to crash a friends That party was seriously poppin. The music was great, the lights went out, everyone screamed the music came back on, I did some crazy Irish looking dance with some old guy. A really short guy danced with my sister. It was great, we had a blast, but must I say I'm getting old and this is no longer my scene. An hour and half after we're through with dancing, we all look at each do a head nod is perfect sync and head out laughing, can't hear a thing since the music was so loud met up with our other friends at the boring party took pics in the parking lot, like we were in high school, and had a blast, laughing, cracking jokes, it was great. I had a great night.

Still NO CAKE though :)


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