NaBloPoMo #2- Time for a Quickie

Still cleaning. Jeez! How much dog hair can I possible vacuum up? I really think we have a spare dog hiding around here. How much hair can one Yellow Lab possibly produce?

We have to find him another home.

But that's another story...

So I really only have time for a quickie post. The neph-cies (nephew and nieces) will be here in a little while, and I still have to get ready for this wedding. While cleaning (and singing my Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom song) I figured I would post on my choice of cleaning supplies. I've been interested in the "green" movement for awhile now, and I'm recycling everything. It's only natural that I would bring my cleaning supplies into the green scene.

Windows- This is an old trick I attribute to my mom. Vinegar and water. She used this the day she went into labor with me- she did all the windows in the apartment to try to stimulate labor. It worked! Vinegar is natural, biodegradable, chemical-free and does a far superior job on leaving windows streak free than Windex or other window cleaners. Use a sheet of newspaper to get a beautiful shine. Lay the newspapers out flat to dry, and you can recycle them! No paper towels in the landfill.

For general cleaning- I've found, at Costco, the Kirkland Environmentally Friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner. It's a 170oz container with an additional 32oz spray bottle. It's a plant-based cleaner with a nice citrus scent. Finally! Thank you Costco, for offering a few more of these environmentally friendly organic items! It works just as well as Fantastic or any of the other chemical based cleaners.

Rug Deodorizer- With the aforementioned Yellow Lab, and the other Lola-like dog, my rug stinks. I sprinkle a cup of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda on the rug (it's a small area rug- 6' x 8') and let it sit for a few minutes. I vacuum it up with my Dyson and no more smell! Plus it makes the vacuum smell better...

Counter tops and Stove tops- We have tile counter tops, and the grout gets discolored and gross- especially in the wet areas. I do use a diluted bleach once a week to bring back the color of the grout, but for everyday use I put a little of the Baking Soda on a sponge and wipe the counters down. Follow up with a rinse and my counter tops are deodorized and sparkling!

Those are some of my contributions to the planet. There's no reason to bring chemical cleaners into your house, or contribute paper towels to the landfill. If everyone did their part and put a little thought into their consumption the world would be a better place!

Cue upbeat music.

I'm out. Tomorrow I'll do the restaurant review- I'll have more time at work!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I never knew about the vinegar, but I do know the newspaper works 10x better. Thanx for the tip.


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