NaBloPoMo#3- Lobster Roll Review

I've been going out to the Beach House for about 17-18 years now. At the beginning of the season it's always interesting to see what's popped up or what's been closed over the winter. One spring in 1999, this restaurant popped up almost exactly in front of the entrance to our little beach house community. Lobster Roll Northside is an extension of the famous Hampton's eatery known to the locals as "Lunch".

Ten years ago. And we just stopped in there this year.

Don't get out much, do we?

While Zombiegirl was at camp, MR and I had the whole week to ourselves. After a few days of "so, what do YOU want to do?" we decided to go out to eat. We ended up here since it was so close and we were hot and tired from the beach. Nestled in a little shopping area that includes such stores as the East End Candle Shop, The Teddybear Factory and The Gingerbread Shoppe (oh, so quaint! lol!) this family-friendly restaurant is pretty- there are two outdoor eating areas and the inside areas are airy and open. There's even a little playground for the kids. We requested seating in one of the outdoor areas where there are big blue umbrellas shading the tables.

We started off with beers. MR ordered a burger platter, and I ordered the Horseradish Crusted Salmon Special. Our waitress was great- very attentive. Food was good- the salmon was cooked perfectly. We noticed the Basket of Shrimp Appetizers and decided to take Zombiegirl here the day she got home from camp.

Fast forward to that day...

Zombiegirl, Rob, MR and myself go back to the Lobster Roll Northside. This is after we once again visit the LiV distillery. We again opt to sit outside, this time in the "tall" chairs. Rob and MR order beers and I order, on the waitresses recommendation, a "19th Hole"- vodka, lemonade and iced tea. I decide to support the local economy and ask if they serve LiV vodka. And they do.

Rob and MR get the burger platter (real original, these two!) I order the Grilled Vegetable Wrap and Z-girl orders the Shrimp basket (no kidding!) She also orders the Seafood Nachos- a $15.oo appetizer special. My kid has expensive taste! We didn't mind, though- we missed her and I figured I could help out with the nachos.

Everything was good. I wouldn't go raving about the food, however. On the whole I think it was a little high priced for the quality of the food we got. My two vodka drinks (I switched to LiV vokda and lemonade since the iced tea they gave me in the first drink was nasty) came out to $9 each. Which would've been acceptable if they were both in the tall glass I got with the first drink. Since I took away the iced tea, the drink came in a glass half the size of the first drink. Go figure. So you're definitely paying for the ambience. And because it's situated on Sound Avenue, it's the perfect touristy type place to stop for a bite to eat on the way home from a trip to Greenport or the wineries. Soak the tourists, I always say! Will we go there again? Probably not. Been there, did that (finally) and wasn't really impressed.



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