Freaky Friday

I missed posting some games last Friday due to my falling out of a bus. That was pretty Freaky in itself!

I love flash games. You've probably seen all of these already, but it's good that I'm immortalizing them in my blog. I'm giving you two sites today, with lots of games. Gives me time to find the rest of the ones I want to post! Check these out:

Samorost, and Samorost 2, created by Jakub Dvorsky while he was a student of the Academy of Arts, Archituecture and Design in Prague. Beautiful, haunting, lots of fun! By the same author- Questionaut! Hit the link on the BBC website here.

Eyemaze has all the Grow games- try to "grow" the cube by placing the objects on it in the correct order. Each object has an effect on the next!

TGIF, and it's Friday the 13th, to boot! Stay away from buses!



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