Freaky Friday

Wow. It's been awhile. It's 3:51 pm on Friday afternoon, and I don't feel like doing a lick of work. And my programs keep crapping out on me. So let's have a little fun!

Try to spear the biggest fish in Harpoon Lagoon. Earn money and buy faster boats!

EveryBodyPanic is a quick, infuriating, totally addicting game. Try not to touch the walls!

Reverse 2 freaks me out! Same theory as EveryBodyPanic, but the direction your cursor goes is opposite of the direction of your mouse! I think only Biggz will be able to do this- something about the left/right brain...

Boomshine sets off a chain reaction when you blow up your balloon close to the dots. They give you goals for each level, and if you miss a goal, they're are slightly insulting.

This game is one of Zombiegirl's favorites. Shown to her by the most influential person in her life- her dad. And she doesn't like it only because there are zombies in it. She also gets to shoot them. She's 9, and already loves to kill. I'm keeping her on my good side. Play Deanimator, and help out my kid.

Hope this makes the afternoon go by quicker. Because I actually think I saw the clock tick backwards.

Happy Friday.


Robyn said...

hi mom. about that game, you were right i can do it but its hard. lol. you don talk about me very much in your blog though..

kris said...

dont feel bad robyn im not even there i think


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