Olympic-sized observations

This year we've been watching the Olympics with Zombiegirl pretty religiously. She's at that age where she can appreciate the performances of the athletes, being an athlete herself. She's also at that age where she's questioning everything (like last night's question, "What's masturbation mean?") Here are some of her observations and a few of my own:

Why do the women's volleyball teams have to wear such skimpy bathing suits? I understand it's a beach sport, but the men don't wear Speedos, so why do the women? If the women's swim teams can wear full wet suits, why can't the volleyball teams wear shorts, at least?

Misty May looks like Zombiegirl's soccer tournament coach, btw.

Walsh and May are an awesome team, and we love watching them, despite the skimpy bathing suits!

Why can't any of the American athletes who have won Gold medals sing the national anthem? Some of them mouth the words for a few lines, but then totally stop. Is Michael Phelps that waterlogged in the brain that he can't sing the anthem? He's set records, won gold and has become a national hero- where then, is the Patriotism? Michael- the whole world is watching you! At least make an attempt to look like you're proud to be an American.

The Chinese gymnasts are scary. They're all serious warming up for their event, but the minute their name is called, they put on the biggest grin and stick out their chests. Then, in a flash, the smile is gone. Creepy.

Shawn Johnson does the same thing. We don't trust her and her fake smile. Zombiegirl gets a big kick relating one of her comments in an interview that Shawn goes to the store to see herself on all the Wheaties boxes. And a butter statue? Please. Nastia Liukin is so much more graceful in these Olympics.

"The Pole vaulting event is probably the hardest event in the Olympics." This event is incomprehensible to 9-year old Zombiegirl. How they get their bodies over a 10' bar with a skinny pole is probably the greatest achievement an athlete can attain, in her eyes.

Women swimmers look like men.

We love Bela Karoli's mustache!

We like the Rowing events because of the "sculls". (Zombiegirl loves skulls!) Who are all those bicyclists riding along the river in the background? Coaches? Spectators?

And finally- don't bother us on Thursday, at 9:00. We'll be watching the US Women's Soccer Team go for the gold against Brazil. We miss Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain, but we like Angela Hucles! Go USA!



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