Hump Day Hypothetical Question #2

I can't believe a week's gone by since my last post! I have to post about the was an awesome weekend of Halloween thrills!

Okay, since my only reader won last week's Hypothetical Question by default- don't worry SS23, you'll get your prize- I'll give her a shot at this week's Question:

If you could move anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

Comment by midnight Sunday, November 2, and I'll pick the winner by random (HA!) drawing.

Don't forget to turn the clocks back on Saturday night!


Beena said...

Ok so I feel kinda bad I didnt participate last week so i will this week- Venice, Italy. Idk y. i know, I know, I have never been there, but just the thought of no cars and getting around by boat and walking is kind of interesting to me. And I really like their buildings too. Although I don't know much about the Italian government, or their way of living since I've never been there (cough*). All that aside, that's where I want to live.

soulspeak23 said...

Hmm.. this is a good one. I would probably move to Bali, Indonesia so I could build myself one of those houses IN the water. My reasoning for this is that I love the ocean, and I would never be cold again. Oh and palm trees. I would love to wake up every day to palm trees. I would also probably end up covered in tapped out tattoos.


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