November 7th

Today, I am thankful that this week has come to an end. I guess that doesn't count, really, because every Friday I'm grateful the week is over.

Okay- today I am grateful for Autumn. Walking to and from the bus stop every day, I have to wade through inches of unraked leaves. I don't mind, though. Walking through them brings up a crisp, fall smell which I love. One house I pass has a beautiful peach colored tree on their front lawn, and the leaves on the sidewalk form a colorful mosaic. It really is breathtaking! If I could make a quilt that reflects those colors, it would be beautiful!

The majesty of God!

What am I ticked off about today? The approach to Jamaica Station on the LIRR! The workers leave all their construction debris piled all over the place. Shovels, water bottles, railroad ties, metal plates, etc. What an impression it gives to all the tourists coming in on the Train to the Plane! Why doesn't anyone take pride in their work anymore? What would it take to find someplace else to pile all this crap? Why in between the tracks? It's such an eyesore. So, I'm writing a letter to LIRR President Helena Williams. I'll post the letter and the answer if/when I get it.

More tomorrow...



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