My man Parker and how much I hate Dora the Explorer.

M and J dropped Parker off with us this morning so they could have some uninterrupted time with the doctor's office with JJ. My second babysitting gig in a week! Maybe I could make some money off this new profession, hmmm?

Parker is three, and is a totally awesome little dude. I say that because right now he's rockin' the house with his rendition of "We Will Rock You." He's the youngest of the three kids in that family and was born with a cleft palate. After all this kid has been through (surgeries, tubes) he hasn't lost his spirit and is in no way spoiled or hindered in any way. When he walked in to our house he had an ear to ear grin on- coming to visit us was a treat for him!

Wait- now he's singing "Eye of the Tiger"- complete with "nih.... nih nih nih.... nih nih naaaaaa"

OMG, what a little ham! MR is really loving having a little boy around. He took out all the toys in his backpack and went through them with the kid. They tried to color a picture for M for Mother's Day. They rode motorcycles on the couch. And waved to me when they passed by. My heart melts watching this kid. He's a little sponge that repeats everything you say, then brings it up later in the right context. He's a riot! And adorable.

And we have the TV on in the background, not that Parker's watching it. He's too busy exploring Zombiegirl's room and following MR around. So while I'm cleaning, I'm watching Dora the Explorer. I know it's a kid's show, and I know repetition is good for kids, but come on! This show really hits a nerve. I don't know what it is exactly- the talking Map, the talking Backpack or Swiper, the kleptomaniacal fox. Or Dora herself. I can just picture kids sitting on the floor watching this show with zombie eyes drooling on themselves. It's truly idiotic.

But then again, I watched HR Pufnstuf as a kid. Today that would give kids nightmares.


soulspeak23 said...

I loved HR Pufnstuf!! I think someone had a box set in college. Hehe.
And keep Parker until I can get there to kidnap him. Such a sweet face on that kid.

Beena said...

I loved HR pufnstuf- I don't know where my tape I have to look for that. The best was when mid throw of the frisbee, he threw everything on the floor (including the crown!!) to run downstairs and watch Backyardigans. He is too cute. I want a little brother; get cracking.

Mamasoo said...

Um, Beena, you DO remember the little surgery I had about 8 years ago? You know, the one where they plugged up the baby tubes?

We bought you a dog. And then adopted another dog. A BOY dog. Love him AND his drool! Get crackin'

Beena said...

Not a chance with the drool- sorry.

soulspeak23 said...

plugged up the baby tubes??? lol
never heard it quite put like that.


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