Dreamscape #4

I quietly leave my house [the house I grew up in] in the middle of the night and walk down the block to the Corrado's house [they live no where near my old house. The house they "lived" in was actually my old neighbor's house- at least from the outside.] I let myself in since they never lock their doors and walk softly up the winding stairs to the parent's bedroom. I comment to myself that their carpet is a hideous pink color then enter the room. I stand over them while they sleep, both boys sprawled across them as they lay under the covers. I stay a few minutes, then quickly walk back downstairs, marvelling that anyone who would cover over baseboard heating with carpet was an idiot. I walk back home and wake up my kids.

They pester me to skateboard and roller skate, so in the dark I sit on the grass and watch them zoom up and down the street. After a few minutes, I told them it was time to go. They throw the skateboard and roller skates onto the stoop and we walk down the block to the Corrado's house again.

We let ourselves in and walk quietly (as quietly as kids can walk) up the stairs, back into the pink room. We stand over them as they sleep, then Zombiegirls whispers (as quietly as kids can whisper) "aww, they look so cute!", at which time the eldest Corrado boy stirs and wakes up. "What are you doing here?" he asks, at which time his mother stirs and his father wakes up. We scoop up the sleepy child and we all run down the stairs (which have miraculously transformed into beautiful light oak stairs with black wrought iron railings with small green ivy trailing down into the stairwell.) We run out the front door and down the block back toward home and deposit the child on the next-door neighbor's lawn. He crawls under the pine tree, sticks his finger in his mouth (he's 7...) and goes back to sleep. My kids grab their gear and start rolling up and down the street again, while we anxiously await his parents to come look for him.

They don't.

We go inside and leave him under the tree to live.


soulspeak23 said...

me thinks you need to lay off the tequila before bed...


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