Squirrelvision- Now in IMAX

I think bed is the best thing in the world. I love sliding into bed at night, curling up in my blankets and quilt. I love going back to bed after my shower, my spot still slightly warm from when i left. After snuggling back to bed in the morning (must be why I'm always late to work) I'd either doze off or gaze out my bedroom window, thinking of the gazillion things I have to do.
A few winters ago, I spotted this in the tree growing in the creek behind our house:

Can you see the "5"?

Then, at the beginning of this winter, I spotted this:
It's an upside-down (and maybe backwards) "4". Okay, it's a stretch. But it's clear to me...

Then a few months ago, I saw this:
It's an "8". Put together, I see this in the tree every morning. The day I found the "8", I played "584" in Lotto that day.

I didn't win. Of course not.

The best thing about gazing out the window at this tree is the entertainment. Three out of the four seasons I can watch the squirrels jumping from limb to limb. If they're mating, it's twice the fun (not what you're thinking...get your minds out of the gutters!) When it's mating season, they chase each other and wrestle and fall through the air only to catch the branches on the way down, landing on their little paws.

I have blinds on my window that go up from the bottom or down from the top. We keep the back blind on the bottom and pull it up so the people in the parking lot of the pool can't see me in my naked glory when I get dressed. The other day while I was lounging in bed putting off getting up, MR dropped the blinds all the way down and I was able to watch the squirrel show in IMAX. Awesome!

What's outside your window? Send a picture, I'll post it.



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