Rest in peace, Anne Lord

My mom's best friend past away today. She was our Aunt Anne.

Anne and my mom were my Girl Scout Leaders for awhile. They hosted tables at the Calendar Party at St. Barnabas every year, and we went to ceramic class together for years. Anne was a regular at the Cookie Exchanges at my house, and has been to all the important events in my life. Even though she wasn't a family member, we considered her one. Anne was probably the single most generous person I know. She donated her time and talent to a church that wasn't hers, gave gifts and cards to kids that weren't hers (they were mine) and could tell a story that would result in tears streaming down your face and your stomach clenched from laughing so hard. She was extremely crafty, and mom, myself, Anne and Diane would do craft sales together. I have many things made by Aunt Anne, and still marvel at her talent.

The last few years saw Anne suffering from a rare type of cancer. She was diagnosed around the same time as my mom. They didn't talk as much as they used to, since they were both going through such a tough time with tests, radiation and surgeries. I have a heavy heart knowing I didn't get in contact with her to tell her I was thinking of her all the time, that I said her name out loud along with my mom's name when I was in church naming those who needed prayers because they were sick. When her daughter came to bring her to Florida to take care of her, I procrasinated sending flowers and a card. I can only hope while in heaven, she knows that I love her, and truly appreciated the friendship that she showed to my mom, myself, and my kids.

Lesson learned? Tell the people in your life how much you appreciate them. Be generous with your loved ones. Keep in touch regularly. Say I love you. I doesn't hurt. Really, it doesn't.


RobynsOnlineWorld said...

I'm sorry for your loss - my grandmother died a few weeks ago and it is still tough. Sending lots of positive thoughts for all of you.


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