Thanks and a Link to a Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who told me my pictures were mixed up in my last cow post. Did I tell you how much I hate Blogger when it comes to posting pictures? If anyone can clue me in how to seamlessly add pictures without having to go back and delete all the extra lines it adds, please let me know!

Anyway, I fixed the picture of my darling cows so go back and look!

Heart of Mary has a giveaway on her blog for some great patterns. Please post a comment on her blog, and if you win, and don't sew, I'll make the item for you! She's giving away the patterns for Favorite Things' Wallet Purse and Lazy Girl Designs' Chelsea Tote! I would love these! Most of you know that I gave/give bags and other stuff made by me for gifts. I'm thinking of showing off a little and posting all the things I made for Christmas gifts. Stay tuned.



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