Outta The Mouths of Babes

Jason and the kids came out to the beach house yesterday. I wasn't too keen on them coming out because it was supposed to rain all day. But they brought the sun with them. So maybe it's not the Corrado's that cause the rain every year when we camp. And that monsoon we experienced at Splish Splash. Mandy wasn't with them, so maybe it's her that causes it to rain. We've ruled out Jodi's clan- they didn't come to Splish Splash with us that year. And it's definitely not Ronnie- she organized the Splish Splash trip, but ended up not going, lucky her. So I think the rain has to be attributed to a little Espey, or Mandy. It just seems to rain every time we all get together. It even rained the night last week we PLANNED the camping trip. But yesterday, we ended up with a beautiful day and a fun time at the beach.

So I'm making dinner for the men and the kids, and JJ walks into the house and says, "Mrs. Soo- are you having a baby?"

Um. Excuse me? No, JJ. I'm fat.

"You're not fat, Mrs. Soo. You're having a baby."

No, JJ. I'm fat. Now get out of here. Go play. Somewhere. Anywhere. Me and my fat have to be alone.

I called the gym today and made an appointment with my personal trainer.



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