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Yeah, I was cranky yesterday. I saw the dentist on Monday to get my left side done (peeled, scraped, jack-hammered that placque RIGHT off!) and my teeth were still sore yesterday. Plus it's the busiest time of the quarter for me, and I need to get my work shit done by Friday before I go on vacation. I don't want to leave a mess for my team to straighten out while I'm on the beach. I'm courteous like that. So I'm stoopid busy and trying to get answers from the powers on high, who wait until the last minute to reveal strategies that I have to put into place in less than a week. Wonderful.

So yeah, I was cranky. So what else is new, huh?

I ragged on my two bestest co-workers about Michael Jackson. Sorry about that guys. But really- am I the only person on the planet who is not mourning his death? Sure, I felt bad. In fact I was a little shocked when I found out- especially the way I found out. My bus driver told me. As I was getting off the bus. How he found out is beyond me. Isn't he supposed to be concentrating on driving, instead of listening to the radio or talking on the phone? And why did he feel that he needed to tell ME, the palest person on the bus? Oops, sorry- the ONLY pale person on the bus. Anyways, I was shocked. I was also shocked when I heard about Farrah and Billy Mays, Ed McMahon and Karl Malden. Will I go and place flowers at a made up "shrine?" Nope. I don't understand that "shrine" business either, but let's not tackle that issue right now.

To me, Michael Jackson was a freak, albeit a talented freak. He was accused of child molestation, mutilated himself to become something he wasn't, and dangled his baby off a balcony. And that's just a little of his crazyness. Yeah, I danced to "Thriller" and loved the Jackson 5, but that's about where the admiration ends. He had problems, serious, serious problems. So why is he so revered? Why, as one of my Facebook friends suggested, should there be a "Michael Jackson Day?" When will we stop the hero-worship of people who fall way down on the hero scale?

Yesterday MR says he wanted the girls to watch the MJ Tribute, which was shown on ALL channels. It's history, he says. I don't agree. It's entertainment. I won't watch an event (like the inauguration) if it's going to have "acts." It's tacky, and a pure scheme for money. The people who really make out in all this? The advertisers.

I don't get Celebrity Love. I was never into buying the celebrity rags, or frequenting the gossip blogs. Sure, I think some actors and actresses are cute, and I did have a Shawn Cassidy and Robert Blake poster hanging over my bed as a teen, but I don't follow the lives and loves of celebrities. I couldn't give a rat's butt what Angelina's newest foundling is named, or who Jennifer Aniston is dating now. I don't want to know the details of Michael Jackson's autopsy, or care to listen to his daughter at his memorial service. Call me cold? So be it. Call me uncaring? Sure, whatever. But also call me HONEST. Which is one thing Hollywood isn't. The entertainment industry is just that- entertainment. It will feed you exactly what it wants you to see, no more, no less. The gossipmongers and tabloids aren't much better. They go for the "real" lives of the celebrities, taking pictures of them on the beach with cellulite poking out all over the place (hey- I saw this while waiting on line at Stop N Shop.) Yet the unsuspecting masses don't realize that many of these pictures are touched up- photoshopped- to make money.

I have to admit that I do watch movies (not network TV) with IMDB.com on the laptop. I love seeing the "backstory" and trivia of movies, and occasionally I'll check out the actors bios. Okay, so I get interested. But not obsessed, okay? So I can see the allure, the general interest in celebrity gossip. Just don't ask me where Lindsay Lohan is partying tonight or who's holding hands with Paris Hilton. I don't know, and I don't care. I have to get back to work now. Sorry R and R for getting up on my soapbox yesterday. I was cranky. Yeah, blame it on my teeth.


soulspeak23 said...

apology not necessary, but accepted. and maybe if we had some actual work to do around here, we wouldn't have to obsess ourselves with the celebrity smut!


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