Countdown to Christmas #1- Christmas Cards

So here it is, December 1st. Twenty-four days until Christmas. What the hell happened? Last I checked there were 100 days left until Christmas! Crap. I am not ready for this.

Last night, I decided to try to post everyday on the blog something to do with Christmastime. Sorry Soulspeak…I know how much you’re going to hate this. Most of it will be ranting at the stupidity that usually overtakes people around this time. Meh! So what else is new- I’m ranting on my blog. But hey, that’s how I roll. I like to complain. Hopefully I won’t be a raving lunatic all the time. I want to get into the holiday spirit. I really do. I’m going to need it.

I started filling out our Christmas cards Sunday night. On my 101 in 1001 list I stated that I would make all our cards. I did an inventory of the box that’s been sitting under my cutting table in my sewing room all year and I found a pile of loose cards, as well as three boxes of cards I got half price last year after the holidays. I’m going to use the boxed cards up first before I make the rest. They’re too pretty to waste. The loose cards will go to Zombiegirl for her teachers and friends. (Thanks Rob and Mrs. Schiffman, for all the extra cards!)

I made my Christmas card list about a month ago as part of the 100 Days of Christmas countdown. I had to- my previous years list was lost in the third re-image of my computer, thank you little Facebook virus. As I typed in the names, I thought good and hard about how I felt about each person, or family, on my list then played like I was Freddie Kruger in Friday the 13th- SLASH, SLASH, SLASH.

The list was cut. Drastically.

I was the type of person who had over 100 people/families on my list. Just looking at that many people on that list left me tired and depressed. Not to mention the cost of mailing them! (By the way- St. Andrew’s does a nice thing. You can bring in your cards for families in the church and the ladies group will sort them out. You can pick up your bundle when you go to church on Christmas Eve!) I realized that I didn’t talk to more than half these people in the last few years- our only correspondence were cards at Christmas and more recently, Facebook. I’ve watched kids grow up over the years by pictures sent to us in cards.

SLASH, SLASH, SLASH. It’s getting bloody over here.

If I haven’t physically seen you or spoken to you in the last two years- you’re slashed.

If I’ve sent you a Christmas card in the past and I’ve never received one from you- you’re slashed.

If I haven’t seen your CHILD except in pictures you’ve sent at Christmas- you’re slashed.

If you didn’t come to my mom’s funeral- you’re slashed. (You know who you are…)

If any of my aunts or cousins have not called me or emailed me or written to me since Mom passed away…I get the hint (if that’s what’s up)- you’re slashed too.

(If that’s not the case, and you really “don’t do crowds”- I feel sorry for you, but you’re still slashed.)

Am I being harsh? Probably. Shallow and petty? Maybe. But honestly, if we can’t get together during the year, why should we have to catch up in a card? Isn’t sending me your kid’s picture or mailing a family newsletter MORE shallow and petty than actually picking up the phone or emailing to make a date? Lord knows- I’ve thrown out suggestions to MANY people over the years to get together. I love a party! I DO “do lunch!” I would love to meet your kids! Let’s get together and rekindle our friendship rather than send out phony “picture” cards and “family updates.” (Or worse- that blurry picture of your dog.) Remember the reason for the season. Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Keep the Christmas spirit going all year long.

And I apologize if you got hit with the blood spatter.



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