Countdown to Christmas #5- City Sidewalks

I have the MOTHER of all migraines right now. I woke up with a headache this morning when I got up for the gym so I took Excedrin right away. Didn't make it to the gym, obviously, so I vegetated on the couch for a bit. Where my headache developed into a migraine AFTER I took my medication. Fast and furious and totally debilitating. Sobbing, moaning and wincing at every sound. Throwing up with no relief. I couldn't even lay down to sleep- I put a bag of ice on the back of the couch, wrapped myself in a blanket, laid my head on the ice, pulled the blanket over my head and slept sitting up. Well, "slept" isn't really what my head allowed- more like hallucinated. Maybe it was the illegal codeine I took when the Excedrin didn't work. Whatever. I think I may have invented a machine that reverses barometric pressure in homes and solved the nation's financial crisis. Maybe. If I can remember. I know it seemed to work when I was dozing under the blanket...

I can't muster any Christmas spirit right now. I can't even muster getting out of bed. So I'll just recap what I saw and heard walking through Rockefeller Center last week.

I saw the taping of the NBC Christmas commercial- you know, all the employees and newscasters singing We Wish you a Merry Christmas in front of the tree. And I didn't recognize any of them. I need to watch more TV news, I guess. The funny thing about the whole thing were the giant lyrics plastered on the opposite end of the skating rink. Really? What, can't remember the words to We Wish you a Merry Christmas? Pathetic.

Weaving my way through the hordes of tourists (stay home, people! Or come in on the weekends!) I heard a little girl around five years old arguing with her mother about the Rock Center Christmas tree. She insisted that was NOT the tree they saw on TV. It's too big! The tree on TV was only "THIS TALL!" holding her hands out around 8 inches apart. I caught the Dad's eye and we laughed. Cute and clueless.

We have to decorate a Gingerbread house now. I've been useless and unproductive all day. Let me show a little love to the girls then it's back to bed.

My barometer. When it goes up the pipe I need to go to sleep.



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