Happily Booked My Weekends

My weekends, starting this fall, have pretty much been booked up solid. No, I didn't get a part-time job. No, I'm not going away every weekend (although I would love to...) I will happily be giving up my weekends to stand on the sides of a soccer field cheering on my baby.

Zombiegirl made the town's Travel Team. What, you didn't hear the screams from there? I answered the phone from work and she screamed so loud I was a little deaf for about an hour. To say she was excited would be an understatement. This is the kid that breathes soccer. No more Intramural League. And for the soccer-impaired, Intramural is where the town divvies up the girls and lets them play against each other. I personally think it's hard for the girls to play Intramural. They play against their classmates and friends. I myself have witnessed girls holding back scoring against their friends. But at that level it's supposed to be fun and a learning experience.

So the Travel Team plays other teams in the county. They'll start off in Division 5, which is the lowest division. They don't have a record yet so it's good that they will be in a lower division. The coach already picked their name. It's the "Panthers." Um...yes. Ten and eleven year old girls. Roar. Snarl. The town's soccer league is the "Chiefs" and I can understand why they can't use "Seminoles" or "Cherokees"- just not politically correct. So they're the Panthers. Zombiegirl wanted, of course, THE ZOMBIES, but that just didn't have the killer connotation associated with a sports team. I had to remind her that zombies were slow and not very bright. She countered back that zombies are vicious and eat their victims brains. We settled for her being a zombie soccer player for Halloween. She also picked ZOMBIE for the back of her practice jersey. Lovely little girl...

So this fall, and for the next six or seven years, I will be on my best soccer mom behavior. They red-card the parents in these games! It will be VERY hard to keep my mouth shut and not yell at the other team. I'll be posting the results of the games here- not for you, my loyal readers- but for me to keep a record for all of eternity.

I'm also the team's fundraising guru. If you (my loyal readers-all two of you) have any ideas for fundraisers, let me know! If not- buy a candy bar to support The Panthers!



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