When Will I Learn?

My mother passed away from skin cancer. I've been very conscious of protecting my family and myself with sunscreen when on the soccer field or at the beach. Why, oh why, do I neglect my feet when applying sunscreen? We spent the day with the Corrado's at Robert Moses Beach today. I slathered the kids, MR and myself with 50 SPF! BUT I FORGOT MY FRIGGIN' FEET! I think I have 3rd degree burns on the tops of my feet. Will I be able to wear shoes tomorrow to work? I doubt it. Will my slippers look funny on the train?

On a funny note (and I know my sun burnt feet are pretty funny, but not to me...) we were driving in the scrub to the beach and passed a sign that said "Do not feed the deer." MR made a hunting reference, of course. Zombiegirl, from the back of the van piped out "I'll feed the deer- some bullets!"

We've created a monster.



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