Stuff and Junk...

Miscellaneous crap I need to get off my Favorites list so I can start blogging for real! Uncategorized links that I need, but don't know where to file them under.

Need help with a Jumble or a crossword puzzle? Use the Scrambled Word/Crossword Puzzle Solver over at the University of Akron.

When I need to tune out my co-workers (and you know who you are), I either plug in Pandora, or turn on the 24/7 online radio station Classical Music Broadcast.

I've seen maybe two celebrities on the street in all the years I've been working in NYC. So to get my virtual thrill, here is Gawker Stalker.

Housing Works Thrift Shop has some great finds. And it benefits people living with HIV/AIDS.

I signed up to be an agent for Improv Everywhere. They stage some of the best mass pranks in NYC!

Stefan Bucher draws a Monster every day. Love his technique! And, if you're inspired, add a story about that monster!

Peculiar People on The Human Marvels. Past and present human oddities. Why, you ask, did I bookmark this site?!?

Big Huge Labs lets you do fun stuff with Flickr photos.

Print Mini Printables. My dollhouse definitely needs a miniature NY Times!

I don't know what one would do with this, but type in your name and it comes up with anagrams. Totally silly. Internet Anagram Server.

I love the GeoGreeting. I wish you can post the final picture as a Jpeg, though. It would be cool to post on a blog or on Facebook.

Need to say something in Russian? Try Free translation. English to almost all the other big languages.

Need something done? Try doing it yourself with Instructables. Especially good around Halloween.

I've had this link in my favorites since it happened. It's time to get rid of it.

Soon. Very soon. Vacation homes in the Caribbean.

If only I had the nerve to send these to some of the people in my life. They're totally rude, but totally truthful! Some E-cards. This one goes out to a former crazy co-worker of mine.

So I've accomplished something today. I cleaned out more of my Favorite links! You really have no idea how many links I've saved. Stay tuned for the "stuff to buy" links coming soon!



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