Faith is Restored

I told MR yesterday that I ran out of things to post about on this blog. I thought at that time that I was fresh out of ideas, my brain spent. I had no new ideas, and nothing interesting has happened to me. My life, she's boring.

Then I remembered where we were. We all took the day off to go see the latest addition to our family- little Hannah Kate, born to Paula and Ray, MR's sister and her husband. We were all in the car driving up to Putnam with a three-foot hero and baby gifts in the back.

The cuteness! All six pounds of her! She looks a little like her big brother Ray, and a little like her older sister Lily. But on a much smaller scale. She was so small her sleeper was swimming on her. Her little arm got swallowed up in all the soft, pink folds of her clothes and her blanket. We dug around for awhile but still didn't find her hands and feet. We didn't want to wake her just to see her toes.

Paula and Ray- they know how to make gorgeous kids.

So I'm Aunt Soo to the 4th.

So writing about my gorgeous little niece, the dam burst and now I have a bunch of things to blog about! Stay tuned for:
  • The stupidity of humans
  • Why I'm giving up Facebook
  • My first recipe- with pictures!
  • Synchronicity
  • Croque-en-bouche
  • Trouble on the 5:04
  • My take on Avatar
  • My new Droid
  • Squirrel Vision- now in IMAX

There. I'm committed. Same bat time, same bat channel.



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