Monday Tidbits

Sorry for the filler post of videos. I was due anyway. They were clogging up My Favorites. Last week was such a busy week. Zombiegirl had three rehearsals for Her All-County Concert, Dad came over for dinner, we got two tickets, MR came in to the city to pick up chairs, Paula had a baby, I de-Christmased the house, I started painting the molding upstairs, I got sick twice and….

Wait- back up. What did I just say?

Dad came over for dinner? Yes, yes he did. We went out for Burger Bite. I really like that place. A lot of thought went into this tiny little restaurant that replaced our beloved Rita's Italian Ices. From the "build your own burger" to the funny "Screw You" sign to the little sticker on the umbrella stand that says "Umbrella ella ella." Unfortunately I did get a little sick from the veggie burger. Yes, you CAN under cook a veggie burger. It was really mushy. One strike, Burger Bite!

Oh. You didn't want to hear about dinner. Okay. So yes, I did de-Christmas the house. And just in time, too. The side of the tree facing the radiator was brown and gross. I organized the Christmas trunk, too (the trunk I keep in the basement with all the decorations in it) and got rid of a lot of the decorations we didn't like or never put out. I was able to put all my Christmas Fiestaware in the trunk, freeing up more room in the liquor cabinet for more booze! Yay! Now if we could just get the mirror marker decorations Z-girl drew off the mirror.

Um, you didn't want to hear about Christmas either? What? The molding? No? Must be the All-County Concert then.

When Zombie-g got picked for All-County for playing the flute, we were ecstatic! She was the only person selected from her whole band! Mohammed was selected from orchestra, and Hailey D., Lauren, Ciara, Dana and Nicole were selected for Chorus. There were three 3-hour rehearsals last week and unfortunately, she had to miss the soccer tourney for the last practice. The concert was yesterday. MR, Beena and myself went- with trepidation, because you know how these sound. They are in Fifth Grade, after all.

The Nassau Music Educator's Association puts together this concert every year with the top students in the school districts throughout Nassau County. The students have to be recommended by their school's music teacher. There are five divisions broken down by age group, with Fifth Grade being the first. And that Division was so big they had to further break it down into two divisions- East and West. It's held at the Tilles Center at CW Post every year for two weekends- it's all very professionally run.

Well, shoot me in the foot, were we surprised! They were AWESOME! You'd never guess they've only been playing for really only one year! We totally enjoyed the concert, and I told Z-girl I want to go to this concert every year for the next seven years. I want her picked every year…wherever she goes to High School!

Okay, okay. We got new chairs for the living room. We're getting rid of the Nana Frances couch- the one Spencer sleeps on. He'll either have to act like a dog and sleep on the "sleepy" (dog bed) or he can use one of the chairs. They've already been tested by both dogs, and meet their high standard of approval. Thank you, UBS. I don't know why Ms. Faye got so paranoid about us picking them up- they were going to be thrown away anyways. Geez.

No? Not what you're waiting to hear about? You want to hear about the tickets, don't you.
Yes, both MR and I got tickets. Me for running a red light (damn cameras) and MR for "blocking the box." And both were pretty bogus, if you ask me.

My red light running occurred on Old Country Road going into the Roosevelt Field Mall the night we saw Santa. I made a right on red (legal everywhere except NYC) and we saw a flash. According to Beena, I panicked. I asked her if I ran a red light and she concurred that I didn't. According to Nassau County Police, I did. The notice and the fine for $50 came three weeks later. I paid it, then realized I should have fought it. We drove by the scene of the crime and there was a turning lane (I was in it) and NO sign prohibiting a right on red. Stupid me. I should fight authority more often.

MR got a ticket for blocking the box in NYC the day he came to pick up the chairs. He stood there for two light changes and nothing in front of him moved. He moved up on the third green light to let the people behind him make their turns and he got caught by the cop standing on the corner. Doing nothing. Not directing traffic- nothing. She waved him over and slapped him with a $115 ticket. He argued and asked what he was supposed to do? Make a right turn, she said. He didn't WANT to turn- why wasn't she handing out tickets on the next block for blocking traffic? Because he was an easy catch, and easy mark. She didn't want to lug her fat ass up the block to investigate what was wrong. MR was furious! I won't post his rants because he might on his blog. Needless to say, we're not very happy with police these days. Case in point- we saw a cop driving while on a cell phone this very morning. Are they there for our protection? Probably not. I think they're around just to drum up revenue.

And….[drumroll] I became an aunt again! My sister-in-law Paula and Ray had their fourth child, baby Hanna Kate! She weighed in at 6lbs., 1/2 oz. Mom and baby are doing great. Big brother Raymond and big sisters Sammy and Lily have to wait until she comes home to see her. We're going up this week to visit, since Zombiegirl won't be able to get into the hospital either. I can't wait to hold this little peanut in my arms! If I get sick between now and then I'll scream!

Popping the vitamins and sucking down the Neti pot!

So that was my week.. Mostly good things, which we need right now!



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