It's Too Bad That Stupidity Isn't Painful*

Ah, if only stupid was painful. Not too painful, mind you. Just a little jolt- one milliampere- to let the stupid person know what they did was pretty damn dumb. We would learn pretty quick not to act like asses. Or would we?

There's been a lot of stupid going around these last few weeks. The back of my hand itched to smack someone. If only I had a cattle prod...

I had every intention of pointing out on this blog the dumb-ass crap I've witnessed lately. I've written this post over and over, then finally saved it under another title.

I decided not to post it.

Feelings would have been hurt. Blogs I don't like would have been given more traffic, and I'll be damned if I give these stupid mommybloggers my four reader's clicks. People would have dropped me as friends on Facebook.

So I'm keeping these feelings to myself. UNLIKE those stupid mommybloggers, I won't share some very personal feelings with the Interwebs. I wrote it down- I can read it in my posting list- and I'm feeling much better that I got it off my chest.

So I cancelled that order for the cattle prod with Tractor Supply. Good thing, too. Shipping was way too much!

Speaking of feeling better, this cold/flu/sore throat knocked me on my ass the past four days. I feel foolish getting sick. I haven't been sick like this in a few years, and I've been bragging about that. It's hard to stay healthy- even with all the precautions I take- when a sick Zombiegirl sneezes right in your face while you're tickling her.

I'm better now. Physically and emotionally.

We could always blame those emotions on....MENOPAUSE!


*The title of this post is actually a quote by Anton LaVey. He's the founder of the Church of Satan. I don't agree with his religious views, but I definitely agree with his view on stupidity.



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