Results Not Typical

Today at the gym I realized I cannot get dressed in the dark. My shirt had bleach stains on it. Mike said not to worry- I'm only working out. Why then, do all the other people at the gym look like they just came out of a workout video? Why do I feel like a schlub next to them?

Anyways, today we did arms and abs. First we did three sets of 15/12 shoulder presses with a barbell with 20 lbs on it. I say 15/12 because I didn't do the whole set of 15. Seems every time Mike says "Three more" those three become the hardest reps to do. I told him I count, and he shouldn't say anything, but after awhile he thought it was funny that I strained under the "last three." He said those were the most important anyway because they were the ones that would do the most good. After the shoulder presses, using the same barbell, I did three sets of 12 arm curls.

Off to this torturous looking bench he had me lay down on to do crunches. Three reps of 20. I swear sometimes I can't figure out how to situate myself on some of these machines. I have to wait until he shows me where to sit! Another example- a "bench" that you lay down on at an angle. The pads hit at your pelvis. You then bend and straighten working your lower back and abs. I did one set of 20 of these.
On to the lat pulls- three reps of 12 then back to abdominal work. Another crazy bench- laying sideways and doing side crunches- two reps of 20 each side.

Before all this, I did the treadmill. I'm up to seven minutes on the treadmill at 3.9.

The next shirt I'm getting. Mmmm. Bacon.



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