Update on my 101 in 1001

It's October first. There's a chill in the air and the leaves are starting to turn. I'm taking my sweaters out and switching out my short sleeved shirts. I love the fall!

I'm not going to re-iterate things already accomplished. Just an update on section BODY, and any new developments.

4. Continuing with the gym, but it's down to two times a week. I'm going to make an REAL effort to get my sorry ass there a third and/maybe fourth time.

6. I didn't have any bacon. I swear.

9. I bought and used the Diva Cup! Bloody adventures here!

10. I have been going to the dentist. But not progressing. More like waiting to see if my teeth "firm up."

11. I have been taking my vitamins every night. I added Glucosamine to the mix.

12. I missed ONE day of wearing makeup. I put it on in the morning right before I do my hair.

13. So far, I've blogged every month about my Body items!

27. I was "elected" Fifth Grade Representative. I don't know how that happened since a) I didn't volunteer for that position, and b) I didn't go to the PTA meeting. So by default, I'm going to be active in 5th grade PTA whether I like it or not!

29. Still following the meal plan.

40. Alterations still pending.

46. I work on the sewing room a little every day. Next thing I have to do is get rid of the piles. Next pile to tackle is filing all my crap away.

That's it. Pretty pathetic. I think I'm going to print this list out and post it in several places so I see it more often. There were some things I totally forgot about. Really, though, it's only been two months. I have to stop beating myself up about the shit I DON'T get down and start focusing on the things I DID get done!

Keepin' a positive attitude, dude...



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