Cleaning Out My Favorites

I've accumulated a few more websites in my sidebar Favorites that I need to clean out and post here for posterity. If I deem them worthy, I'll add them to my Links I Love list...

People of Walmart. Yes, they exist. And our future is bright.

The Art of the Takedown. Snarkiness at it's best.

The Bitch Sessions. More snark. I love snark.

Awkward Family Photos. Oh, be prepared. I have a lot of pictures to send them!

Emails from Crazy People. I think some of the people from Walmart wrote these.

Passive Agressive Notes. More craziness. I think some of these people work in my office.

Tacky Weddings. (There is a definite theme going on here. Crazy people!) No explanation necessary.

100 Days to Christmas. Start planning. Now. Enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Foodgawker. Pretty pictures of food. No crazy people.

Up next- all the videos I have saved in my favorites.

I bet you can't wait...


robyn said...

mom- thanks, what do you mean hofstra really? i figured i could use a new hair cut. and i really wasn't out all night, i don't do that.

Beena said...


BEena said...


Mamasoo said...

Beena- is that the gagging noise spelled out? Or just aggravation? lol!

Anonymous said...

aggrivation- major aggrivation

Beena said...

oops that was me- but idk y it went anonymous

Mona Lott said...

I flippin LOVE People of Wal Mart.

Chicken Liver is WRONG. It's not making fun of the low and poor working classes at all. It's shining the light on those lacking in common sense, rationality, judgment, and taste......those aren't topics relegated to the bottom half of the socioeconomic scale. There's plenty of wealthy tasteless people too.

Mamasoo said...

Mona- I totally agree. Who said these nuts at Walmart are poor? I know some wealthy people who are very eccentric and dress crazy!

I found a few good blgs from CL's last post. This was one of them!


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