Results Not Typical

After a week of not working out (migraines, stomach viruses and bronchitis (Mike's, not mine)) I'm finally back to my Tuesday/Thursday routine.

What a difference a week makes.

Today Mike said he would take it easy on me- ease me back into the routine. Well thanks, Mike. If that's easy, I don't want it hard.

After six minutes on the treadmill at 4.0 (still don't know...) we went downstair to this ginormous machine I had to lay down in and do leg presses. Mike took 270 pounds off the machine (6-45lb weights) to leave me with NOTHING but the mechanics. Who the HELL presses 270 lbs? The mechanics felt like 100 pounds- add that to the weights. Geez. Anyway, I did three sets of 12 then fell out of the machine.

Three sets of 12 leg extensions next while he told me about his son trying out for the Milwaukee Brewers. He was eliminated in the 4th round...

Upstairs to chest presses. Three sets of 10 chest presses at 50 lbs. He decreased the weight after I struggled to get the first 10 out.

Next was this little machine right by the office. Stand and press down on the weights, then sit (the seat is slightly tilted forward.) Tricep presses for three sets of 10. After he adjusted my seat (he has to adjust everything because I'm so tall) it was alot harder because I was getting the full range of motion. Now I have spaghetti arms.

Into the free weights area where we used a 6lb. medicine ball for 2 reps of 12 Ab crunches handing the ball off, then crunching without it. Then I near collapse when we do alternating twisting then handing off to Mike while he stands on my feet. I can only do 10 before I sink back and don't get up.

We're done. Everyone knows it. I don't even finish off on the bike.

So because of that, I'll go to the gym tomorrow morning and work out without him.



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