Labor Day Weekend 2009

Oh! The intrigue. The backbiting. The alliances. The lies. The gossip. The scandals. The slander. The suspicion. The tyranny.

No, it's not another episode of Survivor.

It's kids soccer. And it's not the kids acting this way. Well, mostly not. It's the parents.

There's always one (or two or three) rabble rouser/trouble maker. The one (or two or three) that takes everything as an affront and tries to stir up discord. The one (or two or three) that irritates unneccesarily and causes grief for the rest of us.

Can't we just watch our kids play? They play so well we should be rejoicing in their talent, not on the sidelines plotting and scheming. I'm not saying I'm innocent in this, either. I get caught up in the bullshit very easily. But from here on in I'm going with the flow and I'm just going to be there for my kid. She deserves my full attention and support. So if you get in my face again, I'm stepping aside and ignoring you and cheering for my kid and her team. Go take your chicanery somewhere else.

(I've found Wondrous, isn't it? See? I didn't use the word awesome!)

So "Zombie #6" and her team played four games over Saturday and Sunday. 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie, which put them into 3rd place. This is the first time these girls have played together as a team since being picked for Travel. They were all wondrous but our new defensive player really stood out as the most exceptional. Pooda Girl #8 blew us away. Congrats, Nat! Keep up the good work!

We went out to the beach house after the games on Sunday. My in-laws and the kids were all there- the first time in years all the siblings (MR and his sisters) and their families have been out to the beach house. It was great spending time with the nephcies (nieces and nephew) at the beach. This is what went on while I was in bed with a migraine...

That's a bluefish. The blue Uncle Ray caught was even bigger.

After the beach Zombiegirl and I went to the outlets to pick up a few outfits for school. Tanger Outlet is 10 minutes from the beach house. It took two hours for us to hit two stores- parking was crazy, the customers were crazy and no one spoke english. But thanks to the cute boy in Justice for helping us find Z-girl's sweater. Next time we don't wait for the last minute.

All in all, it was a great weekend despite the bickering, the migraine and the crazy foreigners at the outlets. I got sunburned while at the soccer tourney, and when I got to the beach house, I noticed that my little frowny lines between my brows were white- I was scowling all day and sunburned that way. Lovely. Those kind of tan lines I don't want...



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