The Planets Sometimes Align

I'm a klutz. I forget things. I am not a lucky person. I frown a lot. I tend to be negative. I tend to criticize. I can't help it. I don't want to be these things. I try to be upbeat and positive. But sometimes life just beats me down.

But sometimes all is right in the Universe. Sometimes the planets align. Sometimes good karma comes around and blesses you with its presence.

And sometimes, if you're not truly aware, you'll miss it.

Like today. I had a migraine that caused me to weep several times at work. It finally subsided enough for me to function like a true human. Shortly after, as I left work for home, things started going "my way."

Nothing earth shattering. Nothing life changing. Just little things lining up to make my life easier, happier. Catching the F train right away and getting a seat. Waiting on the LONGEST bus line I ever waited on and having two buses pull up at the same time so the people at the end of the line got on the second bus first. Getting a seat on the bus. Realizing you don't have your house keys and hoping Beena's home. Seeing Beena approaching you walking to work but realizing it's someone else who left your life. Seeing that person looking well, even if they didn't make eye contact. Getting home and finding your keys in your bag. Starting dinner and realizing you have EVERY SINGLE ingredient. Timing dinner perfectly for when soccer practice is over and the family walks in the door. Having everyone go back for seconds and thirds.

Big, hairy deal, you might say. These things are MINOR. Is your life so messed up that these things make you happy? No. My life is not messed up. Just annoying, sometimes. And when these things work out positively, I notice.

So thanks, Karma. I appreciated the nice touch today. Really. I might just be in a better mood tomorrow because of it!


Beena said...

Dinner was soooooo goooood!!!!!

soulspeak23 said...

damn, now I wanna know what dinner was?? all i had was pizza...

robyn said...

i saw you too. but i saw you as i was looking back to cross the street. i didn't ingnore you i swear. and i think you should update your 101 in 1001 cause you did a lot on it.

Mamasoo said...

Beena- Good! Eat the leftovers.

SS23- Recipe from

Robyn- Your hair looked nice. Hofstra, really?


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